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Knock, Knock, Knockin...

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Apologies to all the Big Bang Theory fans in Sparkville, because this blog is not about Sheldon knock, knock, knockin' on Penny's door. Could be a funny blog, but not this time.

Likewise, apologies to all the Bob Dylan fans in Sparkville because this blog is not about knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door either. Classic song, but sorry.

This blog is about something a little more personal to me. This blog is about a KNOCK KNOCK, KNOCKIN' on another kind of door. This blog is about me KNOCK KNOCK KNOCKIN' on the 200's door!

200's door? Let me explain...

There is a lot of talk on Spark about Onederland, and rightfully so! I love seeing everyone on Spark making Onederland after working so hard. Onederland deserves to be celebrated! But I do have a question...

What about those of us who will never see Onederland? What is it called when you get in the 200's?

Myself, being a man that is 6'7" and wears a size 16 shoe, I will never see Onederland, nor is that even a goal of mine. My goal from the beginning of this journey has always been 299 lbs. I remember thinking that was a lofty goal considering I started at 509 lbs.! I remember thinking that it would take me forever to get to 299 lbs. Well, I just weighed in at 301.7 lbs., which means that I am less than 2 lbs. away from my goal! That means in less than 2 lbs., I will be in the 200's! So, what do I call it when I hit 299 lbs.? I haven't seen any definitive branding anywhere, so, I will name it for myself...


Now, I stand on the precipice of Twohundoland. Now I am KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCKIN' on the Twohundoland door! Now, I WANT IN!

Embrace The Possibilities

Good Day Sparkville

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