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Ahhhh YES !! Now to LIVE AGAIN !! (moved in)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I am 1/2 way UNPACKED In my new apt,,,if you do not normally read me,,,,,I had been living with fam til March,,,,,my choice from Sept til Nov of 12 whereas we had moved to CO (From maine) ,,,, but in CO I couldn't find housing at first. Than in March,,,it came to find a place NOW !! So I was looking very hard, and at the same time , my Dad became sickly, so it's back to Maine I m again living, SIGH ! than I lived with friends for the most part,,,, til now.

HERE I AM !! ALL ALONE AGAIN with Izzah Ma Gizzah !! (cat (Izzy). We both SLEPT GREAT last night,,,without others NOISES !! WOOHOOO AM Came WAY TO FAST !! it was a busy day of a Dr's appt,,, and running around getting needed and the FUN PART and WANTED things for the new place. WOHOOOO !!! A pic of an old fashioned bathroom with a claw tub,, like my Gram had when I was little, for the bathroom,, I HAD TO HAE IT !!! I did NOT care what they wanted for it. :) We ALL KNOW this FEELING huh?

Than news that's NOT encouraging from Foot Dr,, foot isn't broken,,,,, if it was,,, and something could be done,,, maybe I'd feel better about that???? But I am not liking where's this is headed. More said later,,,, I need time to adjust to this news.

I am having to COOK !! OH DEAH ME !!! So tomorrow I AM going to get a MICROWAVE !! WOOHOOOO ! For as the city can tell you ,,, ,"We have Diane ON SPEED DIAL n' ALWAYS REQUIRE she MOVE within 4 blocks on the fire station" !!! AND THEY MEAN IT !!!


So I DO NOT NEED to cook breakfast,, here's a SIMPLE Smoothie even *I" Can do !

1 cup frozen berries (I use triple berries)
1/2 cup of milk


Than puree in 6 oz of LIGHT VAN yogurt.

REady in LESS then 3 mins,,,,, ENJOY !! Makes 2 servings or if you are really hungry as I USUALLY AM !11 ENJOY TO SELF

Cals 210 for the 2 servings,, or 105 for one.

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