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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I feel much better about this week. I am so much more positive. Today is day three of my week (I always start my diet week on Monday). I already have a majority of my calories tracked and have well over 200 left (I did bump up to 2,000 at least for this week).

Tonight is "family dinner night". Its not just my family though- its my best friends family. The four of us adults and our 4 children (I have two, they have two...and they have one on the way). I'm already over here babysitting while my best friend goes to her appointment, so I was able to find out what we were having for dinner (Its their turn to cook...although with the appointment it looks like they just are footing the bill for it. Lol. That's the way family works though. Especially when you have people that you have chosen to be your family). In all reality I probably would have been over here anyhow. We live 10 minutes apart and she's either at my house or I am at hers 4 or 5 days out of the week...sometimes less, sometimes more depending on what is going on. Anyhow, I may wind up going slightly over if I choose to have a mixed drink and dessert if someone picks it up (there is none as of now, but it wouldn't surprise me if someone picked up a tub of ice cream or something (yum!). What I'll do if I wind up going over is I will subtract the amount that I went over from the rest of the days of the week...well at least I will try. I refuse to beat myself up this time if I do not succeed.

All I know is that by this point last I was incredibly stressed and was close to 3,000 calories each day. No wonder I gained a pound! It could have been more. I was thinking recently about the four pounds I gained in the past four weeks since my stressful events took place. The first week, actually, I lost weight- 3 pounds to be precise- from barely eating. Then the second week I didn't weigh myself, didn't track. The third week I weighed in and realized that I had gained 3 pounds. Hmm..the same three pounds that I lost the first week. Doesn't sound so bad when I look at it that way. So, the fourth week since I got dumped into emotional turmoil I gained a pound. Big whoop. I gained one measly pound in one month because someone who I thought was one of my best friends turned his back on me and was a complete and total jerk. In the grand scheme of things I did incredibly well!

Stress level this week? Its not prefect. I had a bit of emotional turmoil last night and as I walked in the door after work my first stop was the fridge. Stood there with the door open thinking about making myself a turkey sandwich. I did feel hungry, but I didn't really need to eat. So, I drank some water and headed off to bed. I had even thought about flipping the calories to today since it was midnight, but I reminded myself that I would only be cheating myself if I did that. My best friend had a spiritual suggestion to dealing with this stress (she's just as stressed as this idiot was her friend too...and our husband's friends) and that is to do a fast of some sort- whatever G-d lays on our hearts...whether its to give up a meal or a particular type of junk food and focus more on praying. That seems like a good option to me. Instead of focusing on how I can make myself feel better emotionally, go to G-d and ask how He can make me feel better emotionally.

I've been working a bit more on exercise this week (and intend to do some more as soon as I finish this blog). On Monday I did walking/running and strength training, yesterday I did elliptical and treadmill. Today I intend on doing a 10 min sparkpeople video and then my strength training routine.

Oh! One more thing that I really wanted to blog work last night I got one of my old patients back. He'd just had shoulder surgery and needed some help getting to bed. Luckily his brother was there to help me. He put a lot of weight on me because his knee kept buckling. Good thing I've been working out, or I don't think that I could have done so without hurting myself. My hip is a little sore this morning, but no too badly so and I know that once I stretch out I'll be ok. This gives me even more incentive to keep working out and losing weight. If it makes work easier when I have to lift a little more than normal, that is incredibly awesome!
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    We're going to have sweets every now and again... just track it. And you know what? When I only allow myself a treat a couple of times a week it tastes SO much better. Don't you think so too? When I inhale sweets all the time I don't taste it as much as when I really indulge in something I've been wanting for a while.

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HOLLYS_NEW_LIFE 6/19/2013 7:21PM

    I would love to have dinner a few nights a week with my BFF, that sounds wonderful! I think you have a great attitude about the food too. No sense in beating yourself up!

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KWOOD1955 6/19/2013 3:41PM

    You said "cheating myself." I use that constantly when faced with obstacles regarding losing weight. I'm only cheating myself!

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