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Well that's just dumb.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So I've been *trying* to keep the budget on a shoestring due to the big vacation (9 months and counting). This means I've been trying to put EVERY EXTRA cent I have on the Big Kahuna credit card. (very brief history: my credit cards got scary while I was waiting not-so-patiently for YEARS for DH to get full time employment at UPS. I paid off one last year, and now, after this family vacation, will work on paying off the others. CREDIT CARDS ARE EVIL!!) But in the meantime, I'm making extra payments to get the balance down which does a couple things for me:

~motivates me to NOT USE THEM ANYMORE except for when I absolutely have to, because it really feels GOOD to feel like I'm making progress
~makes my "minimum" monthly payment significantly less, so when I DO pay more, more is going to the principal
~helps the whole credit score thing when you're not pushing the limit. emoticon I notice I now get a handful of junk mail weekly trying to encourage me to open new credit card accounts. SAVE YOUR PAPER, PEOPLE. Once I pay off this insane debt I WILL NOT USE THEM EVER, except for emergency situations...car repairs, furnace goes bad, etc.
~also, it's totally a mental thing. Yes, the extra money I'm putting on this card right now will go towards our airfare and the balance owed on the villa, It will KILL me to see the balance go up again like that, so I'm hoping like mad that I can just pay the card OFF so that even after vaca is said & done, it still has a manageable balance on it. I've been living life the max for quite some time. (My BIG PLAN of paying off the cards is getting sidetracked significantly by DH's ex and the whole child support thing, which will fortunately only be another 22 months.)

My point in all this....I have been SQUEEZING the budget really tight to put extra funds towards that balance, and uh, I kind of forgot about an automatic payment that I have come out on the 12th, and DH didn't get his check direct deposited until the 13th. This oversight caused my bank account to be short by about $33, and the charge for NSF these days? $39!!!! Holy crap. I'm so annoyed with myself. That was just dumb, and counter productive.

Oh well. Live & learn.

Gonna go finalize my passport stuff today, as we're down to just 71 days for the mini vaca, and the website claims you should ideally give 10 weeks for the process, though they are right now running at about a 4 week turnaround time. Never had a passport before, and was slightly bummed yesterday to get my photo taken. I try not to freak out about aging, but there is NO DENYING that I am close to 40 and yes, I feel a little sad for my lost youth. I am extremely grateful to have made it this far; not everyone is so lucky. But facing the aging process is....weird. And new for me. I see that picture and think....that's not the me I see in my head. lol.

One positive side to aging: The confidence that comes along with it. I am resigned to the fact that THIS IS ME, and well, frankly, it ain't getting any better from this point on, so I might as well be secure in my own skin.....even if it is getting wrinkly. emoticon

Been feeling blase about food this week. Eating OK for the most part, with a few little lapses. Need to get serious here for real: BFF has what I consider to be an ideal body, and is 10 years my junior, so um, yeah. GET IT TOGETHER! emoticon
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    Wasn't it exciting, though, getting a passport? When I got mine for my UK trip I had that feeling of "WOW! This is it! I'm traveling abroad!" That is a beautiful picture, CECE! And you look great! I know the feeling, though...I just turned 34 and every time I look in the mirror all I see are those darn gray hairs at my temples (I've been on the fence about continuing to color my hair or just let it grow and be whatever color it wants to be emoticon )!

    Credit cards...oy. I feel your pain. I charged the siding on the house, because my credit card company *conveniently* (I mean that absolutely seriously) sent me 0% until October 2014 offer right about the time I was scheduling the job. My hand was shaking so bad as I wrote the check, and my heart was pounding. My balance has NEVER been this high, but I'm determined to pay that sucker off BEFORE October 2014. I don't care what I have to do... emoticon I will prevail! Ha.
    1707 days ago
  • KNH771
    Paying off the credit IS really hard work, but seeing those balances go down is a wonderful thing. Your trip sounds wonderful...
    1707 days ago
    You always make me laugh! And I don't even see any wrinkles. The first thought that struck me when I saw your picture is that you look so slim! Keep up the great work!

    I feel for you on the financial woes! We are living like misers here just trying to get by. I was making progress on the debt when DH had a better job, but now that he has a seasonal, low paying job, well you know. But there aren't many choices or opportunities in our area, so we do what we can.

    With your positive attitude and your determination, you are going to make it to your goals for sure!
    1708 days ago
    I think you look great, but I'm surprised that they let you smile. They made such a big deal that our pictures had to be "serious" with no teeth showing.
    You've got a good plan. Hang in there.
    1708 days ago
  • -RUBIES-
    Great blog! I love the fact that you excepted you... just as you are.
    1708 days ago
    I think you look GREAT, Mami!!! If you hadn't told me 40, I never would have guessed that!!! You look super spunky and full of life!

    Credit Cards... I've had them since I in College and luckily I've NEVER had a problem with them! (Always pay my balance off in full at the end of the month) I guess I've also been lucky enough to never have lost my job or be in any serious medical situation either! I can see how debt can snowball though, and it's quite scary how many people it has happened to! You are not alone, but it's so great to hear that you are making so much effort to get that under control!
    Does your hubby also work so diligently at reducing this debt?

    Passport photos are never the best... If you want to see the YOU that you see in your head... get dolled up by a professional make-up artist and get a professional photographer to take some shots!!! emoticon
    1708 days ago
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