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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

*Note this is not a blog to bash the Medifast plan. The plan works. Period. This is just a blog about my own MF plan and how it's working for me*

I've been on my own DIY Alternative Medifast Plan. I didn't want to write a blog until I was able to get conclusive evidence that weight loss could be accomplished without buying any of the Medifast food.

Another reason I wanted to do a DIY Alternative Medifast plan was due to my own concerns associated with the Transition phase off of MF products. Personally, I didn't want to deal with stressing over transitioning, because the diet itself is a "Transition" to better eating habits. I am already incorporating some of the "Transition" foods in my diet, which will help me adjust to a higher caloric intake.

I did my research: I read all the MF manuals: WLoss, Transition, to Maintence. I joined the MFcommunity site, read Blogs, and watched Vlogs from a number of MF's & TSFL program users and coaches. I sat down and also crunched the numbers. I calculated how many Calories / Macro-nutrients were in all the MF products. I also evaluated all the product ingredients to see what was actually in them: from bars>shakes>soups etc.

I follow the basic MF Skeleton for Weight Loss:
I eat 6x a day
*800 - 1000 calories
*80-100 g TOTAL carbs
*80 - 90 g Protein (My protein is higher as my "refuels contain less protein")
*Drink LOTS of WATER (@ least 8 tall glasses a day)

Pie Chart of my Macro Nutrients:

*During WL I keep it simple, limit my choices, and monitor my exercise habits*

To help me I bought:
1. A daily multivitamin, krill oil, and calcium + vitamin D
2. Syntrax Nectar Protein (My MF shakes/smoothies)
3. Digital Weighing Scale

Doing a DIY Medifast plan isn't for everyone. It's my path and I was blessed with the opportunity to experiment and do it in a way that works for me.

It was a choice I made out of necessity because I was working out too hard trying to supplement exercise and food intake. This is a habit of mine that was really hard to break. I never TRULY managed my eating habits and a DIY MF plan put me at ground zero to start evaluating how I was eating, and what I needed to do in order to correct how I approached food and exercise. A plus...well I save money and don't have to wait for shipments.

So far 7 weeks into program I have had a total loss of 15 lbs and no matter how much or how little, I am continuing to lose each week while being 100% OP.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am on Take Shape for Life and have had great success. I have lost 25 pounds since Jan 30th. I would like to lose at least another 15 pounds. I cannot afford to keep spending the money for much longer. Can you be a bit more specific as to what your fuelings look like?
    134 days ago
    I did Medifast a few years ago and lost weight- it works. My biggest complaint about Medifast is all the preservatives and ingredients that are not natural. Did you find a bar that was comparable to Medifast bars? I will look up the Syntrax Shake you mentioned. I just like something that I can sink my teeth in to like bars. I can only do one shake a day. Thank you!
    245 days ago
    I absolutely love Medifast! I augment their food with this guide because I can't afford all of their meals. Their bars are by far my favorite and I eat about 3 real food options from this guide each day. I lost almost 15 lbs. in 3 weeks. Love it!! Very achievable:<
    303 days ago
  • BETH5612
    Congratulations! I'm doing Medifast now and making plans for when I get off it. Medifast works very well but I can't afford to do it forever!
    708 days ago
    Good job!
    742 days ago
    So what do you eat? What are the real foods? I am assuming you get your carbs from veggies.
    990 days ago
    Hey K! Long time no chat girl. Thanks for reading. I'm glad you do great with eating. Incorporating supplements in your plan to get those extra nutrients when you may not be eating well is a good way to stay on point. Burning out sux! emoticon
    1526 days ago
    Awesome! Thanks for sharing. I have never done MF. I need to work on balancing the eating and exercise this time. Although I do pretty good at eating, I can start obsessing and forget that I need to eat more as the workouts get more intense. I do the opposite and think I miss out on necessary nutrients, leading to burn out. Not this time!
    1527 days ago
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