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Fasten Seatbelts. Minor Turbulence on the way.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Yeah, well minor is a bit understated. I'm really nervous now.

It's good I have been keeping an eye, like a hawk, on progress and changes since reaching goal. After weeks and weeks of eating as carefully as possible and keeping to a limit range of 1200 to 1500, it's beginning to wear off.

I mean the caution. I've set certain targets for cerain days but I'm missing them by miles right now.

I was supposed to eat around 1700 yesterday and the day before.

I ate 1980 and 2100 instead. Those are my weekend budgets! Now I have to eat 1750 for the rest of the week. OR exercise more in order to enjoy the weekend.

What's happening?

Am I eating more in quantity? Am I snacking? Am I not thinking?

I don't know what it is yet, that's making me go for 1900-2100 calorie range almost every day, but I need to put an end to it as it won't work in the long run.

On the up side, I did manage to squeeze in almost 900kcals worth of exercise in 2 days in order to maintain. I've set a weekly target of 1000kcals of exercise to give me a bit of wriggle room. But this is too much wriggling going on.

If I wanted to eat 2100kcals every single day... I'd have to probably burn... 2800kcals per week in order to achieve that.

I burn 400kcals on my stationary bike in 1 hour - I do high and low intensity in bursts and go full blast - which is good as it gets my heart rate up and I'm sweating like mad as well so it's great for me - but I cannot do that 7 days a week!

400 x 7 = 2,800kcals

It's just not doable for me. Heck I didn't even exercise that hard when I was trying to lose the weight. Most I did was 30 minutes 5 days a week = 1000kcals which is manageable for me and also what's called for right now.

I burn 1700kcals per day just being alive and doing my daily chores - so shouldn't this be enough food for me for a day?

I haven't gained any weight since reaching goal, which is good, and because the skin's still adapting I've been thinking of gaining 1kg in the back of my mind, so I hope this isn't that manifesting itself subconsciously and sabotaging my efforts.

I know I should stay the same and let time shrink skin back to normal - I mean I didn't exactly loose 100lbs or anything I only lost 19.8lbs.

Going over some of the day's foods I've noticed I'm switching to a lot more higher density foods recently which are making things harder for me. I don't mean the brownies or the other treats I've introduced - I mean things like heavier curries, fried rice etc - all the little bits add up. And to be frank, I'm eating things that are less filling and more calorific in general so I'm eating a bit more of it and the calories are through the roof.

I can see in my tracker that I've had days where I've had pancakes, homemade pizza, stir fry veg with noodles and fish, plus a kfc chicken wing and a sweet treat and managed to total 1500kcals.

I find that, now that I'm eating differently, I should go back to that and try again to stay within 1700kcal limit, because I will NOT burn 2,800kcals per week in exercise just because I've become lazy and unimaginative in my cooking.

The best thing about maintenance is that I am re-evaluating myself daily and constantly on the lookout to make changes - obviously, just like a plane doesn't fly in a straight line - it takes detours and experiences turbulence, so do we. The main thing is we reach our destination.

And even though I'm at goal - my destination is to look back and be able to say: I've maintained my weight, without gaining anything back for x amount of years. That's my destination and I really WANT to be able to do this - not lose control, gain 30lbs and start over again. Because, if I blink - it may just happen in that split second, so I have to be on my guard.
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    It's hard to figure out this calories in and calories out. But it's part of the journey
    1676 days ago
    You can do it! Keep at that target and making small corrections! emoticon
    1676 days ago
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