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Epic paddling day!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

We paddled 26 miles on the Conewango today. Then we drove home and decided to do the group paddle on Lake Erie and did another 4 miles and change. 30+ miles in 6.5 hours! The water level on the Conewango was down from where it was last time we went down it so the rapids were a little more than Class I, but not quite Class II. Still exciting! My stomach gets in knots anticipating the rapids, and then I get into them and have loads of fun. If only I could skip the anticipation... Lake Erie was thrashing pretty good tonight. We won't go out on our own when there are any white caps, but we will go out as part of a group. That was wild! White caps, swells and rollers. I paddle a 12 foot Pungo (a type of kayak which is VERY stable), so I wasn't going anywhere all that fast, but I was keeping up with the fancy sea kayaks that other folks were paddling. I also walked the dog for half an hour this morning and 11 minutes this afternoon between paddling jaunts. The dog was SOOOOOO happy to see me. You would think grandma and grandpa torture him he was so excited to go home. lol!

Tomorrow's schedule includes a long dog walk in the morning. A run, a short dog walk in the afternoon and then paddling (with the dog) in the evening.

I ate whatever I felt like eating today, and ate a bunch of junk, but I still ran a calorie deficit of about 1,000 calories for the day. Of course I burned over 4,000 calories today, so that tells you I ate a LOT! I didn't get the shakes at the end of our first paddle because I ate a Clif bar about a third of the way through the route and another one right before the rapids started halfway through the route, and I ate a huge breakfast. I did get the shakes after the second trip, but we stopped at a grocery store and picked up snacks. I am not feeling guilty for all the junk I ate today... I earned every single calorie. I will go back to my normal eating habits tomorrow, so it is all good.
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