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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hi there. This is Max. In my last blog I spoke about my having Ring worm and having cream (monistat 7 of all things) put on my ears. It helped a little but I was very seclusive and didn't even sleep with Mommy. Mommy called Dr. Gail and she ordered something called Lufenuron from a pharmacy in Arizona. Why there? Because they liquefied the pill for me. Daddy put one dose in my mouth and I swallowed it like a trooper. Mommy rewarded me with some wonderfully stinky, whitefish soft food. That was my treat for being such a good boy. I don't get that medicine for another 2 weeks, then once a month 'til it's gone. We have about 3 months worth left. The medicine is also a birth control for fleas but works great for fungus too. So it's taking care of two things at once for me.

Now to this past week. Mommy discovered two more patches of no fur on my face near my eye and ears and it had a red sore on it. So, Daddy took me back to the stabby lady and she checked me over. The worst part was when she stuck that glass thingy up know where! The nerve of her. But I laid there and let her do it. Talk about embarrassing....I just surrendered. Of course Daddy was holding me so I couldn't go anywhere even though I wanted to. I wanted to go right back into my carrier. Well, I had no temp, so that was good. It seems the sores are the ringworm. Dr. Gail said it can take up to 3 months to heal. She said the medicine should take care of it. But, just in case, she gave my Daddy special shampoo that is used on dogs, cats and horses! Yep, horses. What is this world coming to? I heard those instructions and I am definitely not happy. Hope they don't try it on me. Daddy was told to put me in the sink and use the sprayer thingy to wet my coat all over. WHAT? Wet my coat? Then put this shampoo stuff on it and get it all sudsy all over me. Then...put me in my carrier for 10 to 15 minutes so it can soak in. Then put me back under the water to rinse it off then towel me dry. Can you believe that? Why there otta be a law against bathing a cat. Please keep praying that the medicine will work on its own and I won't have to go through all that torture.

Now for the other exciting adventure. For the past week we have had a guest on our screen porch where I like to spend my time. The guest has been a very long snake. Now I know it won't bother me if I don't bother it. We both like to keep our distance. But you know I am curious. No, nothing bad happened. This morning Mommy let me out and the guest was laying on MY trunk and had his middle or back end (I couldn' tell cause he was so long like a train) across the box I like to lay in. He was pretty too. A light tan with dark brown stripes down it's back. Mommy scooped me up and took me back inside. Then she went and opened the screen door hoping the snake would leave the porch. Well, it turned around and slid between the trunk and the table I like to lay on and proceeded to curl up and hide once again. Mommy had to go out to a place called Curves and so she left a note for Daddy. Well, while Mommy was out, Daddy called a friend who loves snakes. He came over and he and Daddy were able to get it into one of our white pillowcases and he was going to take it and release it in some woods where he'd be safer than on a porch in the city. Turns out it was a Rat snake. He was NOT easy to catch. They first tried a box and he was not going there. It was not an easy task but they finally got him into the pillowcase. They eat mice, rats, eggs and birds. So anyway, he went away with our pillow case and he'll be set free and live out a happy, free life. Everyone wins. Never was there any consideration to kill the snake. We respect all life. So now I can go on my porch and not have to be curious about some l o n g thingy crawling around. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it !!

Fearless Max
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    my coworker was freaking out there was a little garden snake in her yard(garter) I told her he wont eat much LOL emoticon
    1715 days ago
    emoticon Max, I hope you don't have to take a Bath, but if you do try to relax and enjoy it. You might find out -- as Some Cats Do!! -- that you enjoy the Bath!!
    emoticon I am glad that your dad and his Friend got rid of the Snake. Just thinking about it makes me Shudder!!!
    1723 days ago
    Well Max that was very interesting to read, what a busy time you have had. emoticon
    1729 days ago
    Love your update MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1730 days ago
    Praying that the medicine works for you. Glad that you are snake free again and the snake is out where he to be free. You do have a lot of excitement going on, Max. Tell Mommy to have a wonderful week.
    Blessings and hugs,
    1732 days ago
    Wow Max, you have more excitement than we do. Mommy looks after us, Ginger, Gibson and Pixie, the new kid on the block. I have to take two heart pills twice a day and when I get a treat, Gibson and Pixie get treats as well. Not fair, I do the work and they get the rewards. My Mom told everyone that my brother Gibson was a MainCoon for 9 years only to find out he is a special boy. He is a Norweigen Forrest Cat. They do look similar, but a kitten would cost $1,000. At least he doesn't make me bow before him because he is special.
    Have a good day Max and get rid of those nasty worms.
    Ginger, Calico, Gibson, Norweigen Forrest Cat and Pixie a chubby Tortishell.
    1732 days ago
  • MELAMA210
    Wow Max! You have lots of excitement in your life! Glad the snake is gone!
    1732 days ago
    Wow, Max has a more exciting life than I do...
    1732 days ago
    I love the way you signed your blog - Fearless Max. Our Max cat is not as brave as you.
    1732 days ago
    1732 days ago
    Dear little Max, I hope the medicines work so you can be ok. I know that baths are not always nice, but you might just feel better after that. Enjoy your snake free porch. Give your mommy and daddy some love from us sparkers.
    1732 days ago
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