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Update: Wellness Challenge

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wow. Time has been just flying by! I can't believe we're in the final two weeks of our wellness challenge. Aside from a recent illness, where I didn't work out for about 10 days (in the chest, not the head), I've been working out hard and regularly. During the time of my illness (not completely over it yet), I was careful to stick to my low end of calories since I wasn't able to do my usual workouts. I am so excited to find out the results of this challenge.

I can see some visible results. I'm stronger, slimmer, wearing a size smaller than when I started (some things two sizes smaller). I rediscovered weight training and will continue to do it once the challenge is over. My endurance has increased as well.

On July 3rd, I go for a repeat of the initial intake meeting and workout. I'm really excited to see if there are any other measurable changes as well. I have to go get my blood work done sometime between July 1 and July 12th. I hope my numbers continue to trend downward.

Most importantly, I did not go about this perfectly. I went about it honestly and well. Life has been rather challenging during this 12 weeks. Money issues, up and down, a fender bender (not my fault, thankfully), health challenges, crazy stressful time at work....but I kept on keeping on the best that I could at any given hour of any given day. And not doing it perfectly has been such a gift, because it created a state of sustainability.

This is a life style change, not a means to an "instant" gratification end. And because of that, I do think I can sustain this. I'm less than 20 lbs from my final goal weight and only 8 from my initial goal. I'm wearing a size I haven't seen in almost 20 years. I can do this...and I will.

Stay tuned. I'll share the results in early July when I receive them.

And, thanks for all of the suppport.

P.S. for those of you who wondered what workout I did when I couldn't run due to rain, I'm ashamed to tell you...I sat on the couch instead. And sometimes that's okay too.
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