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Its tough to eat SO MUCH

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sounds untrue, I mean after all I am still in the obese category so how is this possible.
Well, its like this.

In Feb of this year I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and admittedly I felt deathly ill. I'm still not 100% sure if I was ill on top of the diagnosis but it really doesn't matter. I just remember how sick I was ALL THE TIME, how tearful I was ANYTIME anyone asked how I was etc. The homeopath put me onto a "diet" of raw whole foods and NO CARBS. Now folks, when you eat mostly raw foods and no carbs, you eat and eat and eat and barely make it to the end of the day with 1000 calories. ie this was a days food I pulled randomly off my food tracker during the past couple of months.
Breakast - 2 scrambled eggs, .5C cucumber slices, 10 cherry tomatoes.
Snack - 1 plum
Lunch - fried mushrooms, dukkah, olive oil, curried green bean salad
Snack - 100g fat free yogurt, 100g gooseberries
Dinner - 100g cannelloni beans, 20g chickpeas, 10g lentils, 10g alfalfa sprouts, 15g sunflower seeds, 60g mushrooms, 60g spinach, 2Tb balsamic vinegar.
Snack - 100g yogurt, 1 med apple.
This all totalled 1041 and I was stuffed.

Breakfast - half an avo, 1 med apple, 150g cocktail tomatoes
Snack - 1 plum, 1 brazil nut
Lunch - salad 40g lettuce, 50g cucumber slices, 50g tomatoes, 15g leeks, 10g green bell pepper, 100g cannelloni beans.
Snack - 100g fat free yogurt, 100g blue berries, 2 Tb flaxseed
Dinner - 100g mushrooms (1 large) loaded with 60g cottage cheese, 100g chicken breast, 100g green beans
Again this came to 1075 and I was full.

Now I have to add 500 calories due to boot camp everyday. And I'm struggling to eat 1500 calories a day without eating junk. Here are two days of the new calorie value.
Pre exercise snack - 1 med banana
Breakfast - herbal life shake lean protein meal replacement, 1C soya milk
Snack - .5C papaya cubes, 10 raw almonds
Lunch - 1C rice, 200g hake
Snack - 1 large celery stalk, 20g sugar free peanut butter, 15g raisins
Dinner - salad 150g chicken breast, 50g reduced fat feta cheese, 1.5C roasted veggies
Snack - herbal life shake lean protein meal replacement, 1C soya milk
This came to 1502 and I was fuller than I like the feeling of.

Pre exercise snack - 1 med banana
Breakfast - herbal life shake lean protein meal replacement, 1C soya milk
Snack - 1 slice of rye bread, half an avo
Lunch - salad 50g lettuce, 50g mushrooms, 50g baked beans, 50g tomato, 1 boiled egg, 10g celery, 2 large gherkins, 2Tbs balsamic vinegar.
Snack - smoothie 1 small apple, half small banana, 50g fat free yogurt
Dinner - (still to be eaten) herbal life shake lean protein meal replacement, 1C soya milk
This is ONLY 1006....what on earth can I still eat to make up 500 calories emoticon

Ok, I'm sure I can think of something, but it is tough to eat 500 extra calories a day and eat healthy foods. Goodness....imagine such a problem? Not long ago I was battling to eat as little as 1500 and now Im battling to eat as much as 1500 calories....its all in the mind set I guess.
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    Your diet sounds healthy and delicious! My sister feels really ill with carbs, so her diet consists mainly of vegetables, fruit, creamed soups and smoothies (homemade), fish and chicken. She walks for an hour early each morning, rain or shine, and has lost about 40 lbs this year. She doesn't need to lose another pound, but she did it to feel well, not to lose weight. One just resulted from the other.

    1580 days ago
    I have the same problem. I can only eat 100ml of food every two hours. 60-75g must be protein. I am very seldom over 1000cal.
    And I know I HAVE to eat more to keep losing weight.
    Thank heavens for Biogen Iso Whey, with full cream milk (I know, I know, but it helps with the absorption of Cal, and I can stomach milk fat. All other fats make me very ill) With only one tsp of ground flax seed. More is to much fat again.

    Just do it, Friend!
    I can't wait for that cruise blog with pictures
    1581 days ago
    Whole foods are, indeed extremely filling. However, they are best, and you sound as though your health is improving. It is important to get the right balance and enough calories to fuel your body. You will find what works best for you. emoticon emoticon
    1582 days ago
    You'll make it. It can be hard some days others, not so hard emoticon
    1583 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1583 days ago

    you can do it!!!

    1583 days ago
    That does seem like a lot of food! Congratulations on your resolve not to eat junk no matter how many more calories you need! That is serious progress!!!!
    1583 days ago
  • GINA180847
    I looked at the food you ate and I just wonder about swallowing all that. I guess if it made me feel good I'd do it but in theory my mind would rebel and scream for something good to eat like carbs. But I am proud of you for following this pattern and when you hit your ideal weight you may not have type 2 diabetes anymore. This would be worth a million dollars (rands) and make it all worthwhile.
    1583 days ago
    emoticon emoticon for sharing
    1583 days ago
    The mind is in control (well theoretically) but it is all in the choices the mind leads you to make. Good work, Celeste'. I am glad you are feeling so well..and eating so well.
    1583 days ago
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