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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I have not been able to get to my Zumba class lately so I have been getting stuff done around the house and yard work. Some of this work is much harder than the Zumba class. Although Zumba is pretty fun, especially when you can take the class with a friend. But we have not been able to go together for multiple reasons.

With DH & DS away at BSA camp for 8 days and I'm not working this week (DD1 and DD2 are on summer break) I've decided to get some stuff done around the house. Hopefully I wont throw my back out during this whole project. So today I spent 3 hours in the back yard getting stuff picked up, raked up and straightened out. Probably got 33% of my back yard project list done. Tomorrow I plan on tackling the front yard bright and early to avoid that Az summer heat.

Atleast when I can't get to my favorite class I am making better decisions and doing more physical stuff around the house. Definitely work harder when I know I'm not gonna get a cardio workout in. Normally the lazy me would stay in the house where it's nice and cool and do nothing. But with this weight loss I have found more ambition to DO stuff and NOT be lazy.

Tonight I found that I am able to get closer to my toes with hardly no discomfort initially in my hips. After too long my hips start barkin' and it's time to straighten up. Little more progress being made in a different area. Funny how ALL these things start falling into place when you make yourself a priority.

Well Mother Nature has taken her toll but she hasn't slowed me down much. I have not weighed myself yet. Refuse to weigh myself during her visits from now on. My Dr advise me it's probably not in my best interest especially if hormones are affecting my scale in a negative way. Just throws me off and gets me all upset. She did tell me that my weight after that TOTM is done "is my true weight". So we will look forward to a good number after she's gone.

So onward and upward I go. Not letting anything stop me. Ohhhh!! I bought some new-to-me shorts to wear to church and they were 2 sizes smaller than my original size. Haaa!!!! Then several people at church complimented me on my weight loss and wondered what I was doing. Heee!! I could get use to this kind of attention.

God is Good, Good is God
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