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Looking Back - Tales from 100# Down

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Let me start this blog with a reminder that this is my personal story. Your story may be very different. I write to encourage, educate, motivate and sometimes just to show "that reader" that is on the same part of the journey that he/she is not alone.

I'm about 65% of the way to my personal goal (moving from obese to simply overweight). As I look back I see change. It didn't happen in one day, one week, one month or even one year. It's been three years next month. I want to show you some highlights because they might give you hope.

When I began I could barely walk around my kitchen island. Now I can walk 3 miles.

When I began I drank diet soda all day long (typically over 120 ounces a day). Now I drink plain tap water. Sometimes I splurge and have a slice of lemon.

I used to labor up the stairs huffing and puffing. Now I can go up and down with ease.

I used to be on high blood pressure medicine. Now I'm off it and in fact tend to have low blood pressure!

I once had cholesterol readings well into the 200's. Now it's always under 150.

I used to spend lots of my calorie budget on junk food. Now I eat more vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and low/no fat dairy.

I thought exercise was punishment. Now I have a daily habit and enjoy the feeling I get when I push myself in fitness.

I used to hide from cameras. Now I smile.

I used to hate what the scale said and would eat to get comfort from the stark reality. Now I know a small uptick just means I need to pay close attention to the details and press on.

I used to reward myself with food (especially chocolate). Now I reward myself with a good book, a nice hand lotion or a manicure.

I used to stash food in my desk so I could munch away all day. Often I would eat in private (not at meal times) so I could eat less in front of others. Who was I kidding? Now I have no problem sharing my food intake with anyone.

I used to think I "deserved" to have sweets, fast food, seconds, etc. Now I "deserve" to have good health.

I used to think anyone's attempt to help me see the reality I was avoiding was being "mean" or "judgmental". Now I see they were only trying to help me have better health.

I could go on and on but what I most want you to take away from this post is that none of this happened overnight. ALL of this took time and it wasn't a perfectly straight path to success. I had my share of detours. The KEY to getting out of those detours and keep going was accountability to my sparkpeople team and the push that they gave me to step out of my comfort zone and keep going!

Some of you are just starting out, others are well on their way, still others are stuck in a detour. No matter where you are know that sometimes you need a nudge to stay the course. Sometimes that nudge may make us feel uncomfortable. I'm glad I had some nudges along the way or I would still be sitting back there in that detour feeding dollars into the vending machines!

My wish for you is that tomorrow sees you "on the road again".

Press On!

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