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Not much doing right now.

Monday, June 17, 2013

I don't know what was wrong with me yesterday. I just didn't want to do anything. I think I'm fighting a bit of depression, that's all I can come up with.

I did get my lunch time walk in today (just over 2 miles). And I just got back from 3 miles with the girls and Evil Cherb. We jogged a bit but she isn't much for running.

I just never got into either walk today. I'm just not "feeling it" today. But at least I'm up and moving. That's better than yesterday. I did nothing yesterday. So unmotivated but moving is better than that.

I have a puppy to train tonight. I really don't even want to do that. More for the idea of being slightly depressed.

Night all.
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    When I feel really crappy I just try my best to focus on my blessings. That's usually plenty of spark time supporting my sparkling friends. When we feel 'off' it's our body telling us to look after ourselves kindly. I'm sending you love and light...just keep reaching for the stars...our goals always lift us up out of the doldrums. keep on keepin' on!

    And drink LOTS of water...sometimes dehydration shows up in the WEIRDEST ways! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1734 days ago
    Some days are harder than others. Stress, fatigue, life catches up and all we want to do is put ourselves aside. You went further than many of us could. You still moved forward although you did not feel like it. Keep up the good work and in those bad moments, try to remember the positive feelings you've experienced in the past doing whatever activity you engage in. It should give you a boost !
    1734 days ago
    emoticon Some days you just don't feel it.
    1735 days ago
    Sounds like you are doing the right thing by "doing it anyway". I have always found that I feel better just knowing that I am out there. This too shall pass. It always does.
    1735 days ago
  • BOPPY_

    5 miles is great. Perhaps, you're mistaking fatigue for depression. emoticon

    So, this is you on a down couple of days. Great! emoticon

    Keep after it,

    1735 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/19/2013 4:38:21 PM
    Sometimes we just need a rest. Maybe that's all it is, if it persists go talk to your doctor.
    1735 days ago
    Oh Boy do I relate! But, the depression seemed to last only 2 days and I am back moving again today! Had a sad, instead of happy, birthday! Sure wish you could train Sassy! She is pretty smart and picking up on things fairly quickly I think! She is just too cute! Hope you get some Sass in your step again soon! Listen to your body.... It does know. Mine knew I needed a break!
    1735 days ago
    Hope you feel better and back to yourself today!
    1735 days ago
    You're right . . . up and moving is better than not! Keep it up. It's the old "fake it till you feel it." I know that sounds so trite, but it really does help.

    In the meantime, passing on HUGS and smiles for you.
    1736 days ago
  • JUSTME29
    Up and moving is better than not. Even if you're not feeling it, keeping your routine mostly intact will help in the long run. You are carrying a heavy emotional burden right now, and that's going to take a physical toll on you. Take care of you, pamper yourself a little bit, and try to remember that we are all here for you too.
    1736 days ago
    Keep moving. This is temporary. We're all with you!


    1736 days ago
    Big, big emoticon emoticon
    1736 days ago
    sometimes we just have down days.... it's ok...
    1736 days ago
    I hear you on having difficulty. But I'm faking it until I make it, and hoping that it will become enjoyable again soon.

    You have a lot on your plate right now, so be kind and patient with yourself. It's okay to take time off, or just go easier. Just don't let it become a habit.

    The one thing about getting the dogs in the habit of walking is that they will not let you skip the walk. Jasper has the ability to make the saddest face if I don't take him out, even for a short walk. Then the guilt kicks in and I know I have to get over myself and take care of him.

    I'm thinking about you and sending you big virtual emoticon . Let me know how I can help.
    1736 days ago
    1736 days ago
    I know how sometimes things can seem overwhelming, yet I know there is a strength in you that will pull through. It's OK to be down, embrace it, acknowledge it and then let it go. You are an amazing person and I will keep you in my prayers!
    1737 days ago
    We all have our blah times. I mean no one can be fabulous 24/7, right? It's normal and if I had to guess, I'd say it's mostly dictated by hormones. Great job getting your exercise in despite feeling unmotivated. You win! emoticon
    1737 days ago
    Place the blame where it belongs, on the stress in your life right now, not on you. When we're under stress we need to take good care of ourselves, and walking, even if you weren't feeling motivated, is taking care of yourself. Good for you! emoticon
    1737 days ago
    Hi Kitty.
    I know how you feel . I know that's sounds so trite but I really do. I am also fighting depression .. I am on antidepressants and have been for several years now.
    I make myself do things .. I say to myself, I will walk just a little way ..
    But then the endorphins kick in and I walk for miles .. I have a little dog too and he needs to walk ..
    So my friend I am sending you healing vibes and a hug ..
    You can do this .. Together we can do anything !
    emoticon emoticon
    1737 days ago
  • OPTIMIST1948
    Some days the grind just ... grinds you down.

    HOWEVER: when I was first loosing weight I was having lots of success going ultra low carb. Until one morning I woke up like you: depressed with no motivation. I had used up all my carb stores and was totally shot. I immediately had a bowl of packet oatmeal and was feeling better about 2 hours later.

    Our food choices sometimes affect us more than we think. Take a look and see if you are short somewhere in either your macro or micronutrient profiles.
    1737 days ago
    Good job getting out there even when you don't feel like it! I know how you're feeling. Just do what you can, keep pushing forward, and when you're ready, you'll be back at it. Feel better soon!

    1737 days ago
    it's the stress . don't let you fall into depression , your husband needs you strong and besides him right now. do whatever you have to do , even if you don't feel like it. and hang in there ! emoticon
    1737 days ago
    emoticon Keep doing the best you can! When that ugly depression is weighing you down, just do "something" to show your defiance! We share that battle. And we can do this! emoticon emoticon
    1737 days ago
    You have had a lot going on in your life lately, no wonder you are down right now.
    Don't get down on yourself, we all get days where we just don't/can't get out of our own way. "It too shall pass".

    It's good that you did get out and walked today ~ even without motivation ~ YOU DID IT !!

    Maybe you need to take a day or to, and relax with hubby, and have some fun.
    Don't worry, be happy. emoticon
    1737 days ago
    So sorry to hear of your depression.

    Big emoticon
    1737 days ago
    I'm thinking we don't have a clue just how much of a load all that emotional stuff takes out of us..... this journey is about learning how to listen to our body and make adjustments. key word is adjustments, not excuses.

    Don't be too rough on yourself. You'll be sparky again.
    1737 days ago
    Hang in there, sweetie. We all get days like that. emoticon
    1737 days ago
  • TROOPER1961
    emoticon You are like me,,, moving but not with much enthusiasm. Bonus part is hockey game tonite so a possible 120 mins for treadmill!! Wish you were closer, I would love to send you a pup!! emoticon
    1737 days ago
  • DARLY55
    You did walk though! This bummed feeling will pass, I promise! emoticon emoticon
    1737 days ago
    Sometimes we just have to push ourselves until we do start to feel it. Keep on trying.
    1737 days ago
  • KAB7801
    Pat yourself on the back, you did a lot for not wanting to do anything
    emoticon emoticon
    1737 days ago
    emoticon The fastest, easiest, and healthiest way to relieve yourself of the "blues" is to move! I'm feeling for you, Dear.
    1737 days ago
    *hugs* keep at it!
    1737 days ago
    emoticon At least you got out and moved today... even if you didn't "feel" it.
    1737 days ago
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