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Monday, June 17, 2013

I had to read some of my last few blogs to see what I had shared and what has happened since. Here’s a 30 min update (the amount of time it’ll take me to write it, not the amount of time it’ll take to read it.)

Work –
Today is my first day back to work. I’ve taken a job working full time at my Air Force reserve unit. (Additional info on this topic can be found in the Jan 30th blog.) I’m a government civilian wearing my military uniform during the week and I still do my Air Force reserve duty with the rest of the unit (one weekend a month, two weeks a year). They wanted me to start a couple months ago, but I pushed it off to be able to see the kids through the rest of the school year and then go with them to my Dad’s fiance’s cabin up in Northern California. The pay is nowhere near as good as my previous job, but the stress and uncertainty is gone. We discovered, much to our amazement, that with the cuts we made to our budget that we have been able to live on my husband’s income alone. We have never touched my severance pay, even after 9 months.

Additional good news here is that I think I’ll have more time to come on the computer at work to log my food and exercise and blog. I’ve been so inconsistent I make to predictions.

My commute will be similar to my old one, just in the exact opposite direction and Friday afternoons will be a lot worse. I may need to cultivate a surface street route to make sure I make it back to my town in time to pick up the kids from daycare on Fridays. We’ll see.

Kids -
I really enjoyed having almost all of this past school year at home with the kids. David and Beth both did really well in school (much to my shock with David). They both reached 100 miles with their school running club! That was another factor in my pushing off my start date for the new job… NOTHING was going to get in the way of getting the kids to 100 miles. At the beginning of the next school year their names are going to be painted on a special wall on the playground. I knew if I stopped running with them Beth would stop going and she wouldn’t get there on her own.

So we not only made it to Disneyland to celebrate their making 75 miles each, they’ve also decided to pool their money they earned for making it to 100 miles and pay for about half of an Xbox 360 with Kinnect. I’m not thrilled with getting video games, but a deal is a deal and at least I can load it up with things that require movement.

Injury –
As soon as the kids reached 100 miles I stopped running. I’ve run most of this year with Achilles tendonitis and shouldn’t have. But, again, I knew if I didn’t run with Beth she wouldn’t run, and I was right. As soon as I stopped running, she stopped getting in as many laps each morning. I took my Air Force fitness test in April, got the “excellent” score required to not have to test again until April 2014 (it would have been October 2013 if I hadn’t gotten the excellent), and now I’m going to try to rehab it and start running again later this year if I can. I haven’t been doing the eccentric stretches I should be for the Achilles tendonitis. I pledge to get better at that. I also got new uniform boots that should be better for my feet and tendons now that I’ll be wearing them every day.

Weight –
My weight still isn’t great, but it’s down 5 lbs from when I came back. And it’s staying there. I have not gone back up. This makes my uniform (the “fat pants” admittedly) more comfortable and less embarrassing. I’m still looking forward to getting the “fat pants” loose and then moving back into the good pants. As a reference for the future, my current weight is 178. My happy place is in the 150-155 range.

Exercise –
I’m limited to swimming and biking right now. I purchased a recumbent bike for our home since I really can’t use our treadmill at this point. But I need to get our horribly heavy futon out of the exercise room first. The futon is also broken so I can’t donate or sell it. I will have to throw it away. That will require a dumpster. But that’s the easy part. I need my husband’s help to get it downstairs and out of the house, but his time at home is going to be really limited for the next couple weeks. So I may just woman-handle the darned thing, trying not to strain anything, and get it out of there by myself. I just can’t wait two weeks and I don’t know if Steve is going to be willing to prioritize it high enough to help me. Now that I’m back to full-time work and taking care of the kids mostly by myself I need that in-home exercise to be available to me again. I don’t have a pool at home – so that leaves the bike.

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  • SHEILA1505
    Hi Debbie!
    Hope all goes well with your plans, goals and the new job

    1555 days ago
    Good to hear from you. I'm glad that you got a job that is much less stressful for you.

    Congratulations on your fiscal downsizing. It's always a great feeling to know that you have your fiscal house in order.

    It's great that your kids are doing well in school.

    As for the futon, could you find a couple of big, athletic neighborhood kids that could manhandle it out to the curb for you?

    I hope that your journey to better health will smooth out when you get into your new routine.

    1555 days ago
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