DAY 6 of Calorie Deficit

Monday, June 17, 2013

It was not my intention to blog more than once a week but felt the need to share my journey’s ups and downs. Let it be known that I weigh daily and sometimes more than once a day. I have my morning measurement and my evening measurements. I am fully aware that your weight fluctuates daily and more so during the day so I compare evening’s weight against the previous evening and the morning against the morning before. I tell myself that I am not looking at the number just the general direction of change but that is “bull crap” as I am sure I obsess over every ounce.

Over the last 6 days that fluctuation was very interesting, in fact my weight fell three pounds between Wednesday and Saturday (both morning and evening weigh in registered a similar change) and maintained the pounds differential Sunday morning however the by evening I could see that the differential was narrowing. Now I didn’t exercise Wednesday until Saturday as I was resting a bum knee but returned to the gym on Saturday. On Sunday when I weighed in I expected to see a lower number but no in the morning the number was the same and by evening the differential was only 1 ½ lbs. Ohh my goodness what the heavens happened, I said. That is a lot to gain in a short time even if it is only water weight. Maybe this “calorie deficit” thing is not for me. Then I examined my eating pattern and discovered a really bad thing. I eat well during the week when there is some structure to my day but weekends are another kettle of fish. I stayed within the 1250 – 1350 ranged (I think) during the weekend but the composition of foods changed. For instance during the week the main high dense cards are eaten in the morning for b’fast and most of my carbs for the rest of the day will come from vegetables with only two servings of fruit. - During the weekend I may calories count (eyeball guestimates) but I eat a hell of a lot more fruit Eg I ate a pint of blueberries, a half pint of raspberries ( they were on sale and so I felt I deserved them for being such a good girl during the weak) I had some strawberries, as well as papaya, a piece of coconut jelly, oranges and watermelon. Well over my 5 servings a day. I also had some ice cream (I think that is what started the cravings for sweets which I tried to satisfy with fruit.) I also ate more carbs than usual in the form of some gluten free crackers (they were calling my name so I ate an entire box) and a couple baked potato chips. (blame hubby he baked them) My protein count was of necessity much lower than on days during the week. I noted something else... During the week I enter all of the food I plan to eat for the day into the nutrition tracker in the morning and try to stick to it for the rest of the day to avoid having to spend more time on sparkepeople adjusting it but on weekends I track at my calorie allowance in my mind and enter the information into the nutrition tracker in the evening based on my recollections.

What does this mean for my weight loss?

1. There is a high probability that I underestimate what I eat during the weekend and so go over my allowance.
– Lesson learnt - Plan your meal for the weekend don’t try to guestimate it. Meal planning on the fly does not work for you

2. Once I eat any sugar or high GI track foods I will be fighting the sugar craze all week.
- Lesson – Don’t go outside of your crab range. No ice cream AT ALL. Moderation does not work for you! Limit fruit to two servings low GI index fruit and stick to the serving size. No Gluten free processed foods.

3. You may be retaining water
- Lesson - Watch your sodium intake.

4. Weight training will make you weigh more.
– Lesson - Get over it. Strength training is fantastic for your body so embrace it and ignore any slowdown of weight loss. Look for NSV (non- scale victories) and improvement in body shape.

5. Seeing the scale creep upwards can be disheartening.
- Lesson – STOP focussing on the scale only. Remember that your body will experience small fluctuations and be conscious of all of the other factors. Are you clothes fitting better or worse? Look at your diet, are you taking in too much salt, to many dense carbs or sugar? Is your nutrition balanced?

So what is my status to date? I am down 1 ½ lbs net, maybe?

Will give my official weigh in on Wednesday.
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    emoticon lessons
    1615 days ago
    #5 is definitely important. I dropped two pants sizes between January and March without losing a single pound. (I was working out and lifting weights.) Every so often, even when I eat well and exercise, my hormone cycle (or salt intake) makes me gain as much as 5lbs in a day or two, but every time that happens, the extra weight is gone again in the same period of time. The scale is definitely NOT the whole story, not from day to day.

    Take it from someone who lost all the weight and then gained it all back again, and is now on the way down: obsession will make you frustrated and maybe even angry in the long run. Focus on feeling healthy and active. :)
    1615 days ago
    At least you learned from the weigh in issues.
    1615 days ago
  • AJB121299
    good luck
    1615 days ago
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