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Quitting smoking is harder than i thought

Monday, June 17, 2013

I couldn't do it on my own (although i have cut back a lot) so i got my free nicotine patches online. Day 1 of the nicotine patch and i still had 4 cigarettes (but i was also drinking beers, which didn't help) Day 2 i had one cigarette (not too bad) so here we are on Day 3 and 0 cigarettes.......so far. I really want one, but i'm doing everything i can not to.
I have chewed up coffee stir straws, (not a fan of mints or candy), i have been using my stress ball to keep my hands busy. And drinking lots of liquids (which i heard helps, but not so sure now). Are there any other tips out there. I've been kind of "snappy" these last few days and i'm trying not to be a "witch" but it's becoming quite frustrating.
I have been keeping finger nail polish on my nails (so that i will stop biting them) but on Saturday i looked at them and didn't realize i had used my nails to scrape it all off within just minutes, (something to do with my hands, i guess), but i didn't even realize i was doing it. My friend uses a "spinner ring" and i have one at home, so i will try that next. Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks
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  • NKING1982
    I love Jelly Bellies! They are another addiction of mine
    I thought about the rubber band thing, but ummm ouch lol. I might give the spinner ring a try though.
    I don’t smoke in my car or in my house, only outside. So I only smell it on myself after I have one.

    1708 days ago
    I did the patch over 8 years ago and it worked for me. I sucked on jelly beans for the oral fixation. Did you know Jelly Bellies have over 120 flavors? Not just fruity or mint - coconut, root beer, 7 up, Dr. Pepper, cheesecake, cappuccino and chili mango and so many more. The bag comes with a list/key of the flavors and you can mix the flavors and make it into a fun game rather than lighting up.

    An elastic band around the wrist and snap it a few times helps too! emoticon

    Also ... washing out the car ashtray on the fifth day w/o smoking I gagged so much from the smell of it. The smell never came out. I used potpourri packets which helped reduce the odor.

    Good luck to you! emoticon
    1708 days ago
    oh I wish you much luck in this endeavor!
    They say it is the hardest addiction to quit is smoking.
    take it one day at a time!
    1709 days ago
  • NKING1982
    I quit during both my pregnancies, mostly because just the smell of cigarettes made me puke. But shortly after I gave birth I started smoking again. I would love to be able to wake up, run up stairs or go out into the cold air without coughing and feeling like the wind got knocked out of me. I’m just going to keep trying until I completely quit.
    1709 days ago
    I wish I could help. I quit cold turkey before my pregnancies and never went back.

    I can tell you it is so worth it -
    once you stop, don't ever go back.

    One thing I do remember is in the beginning, every time I took a shower I coughed
    I was clearing out my lungs I guess.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1710 days ago
  • NKING1982
    Quitting drinking is also one of my goals. And I have noticed that i can go most the day without smoking, but as soon as i start drinking, i smoke....a lot. One step at a time i guess
    1710 days ago
    I am so glad I never smoked... can't imagine what your dealing with.
    1711 days ago
    Not sure if it's true, but an acquaintance on facebook successfully quit smoking and posted that if you want to quit smoking you have to quit drinking. I guess maybe it's because when smokers drink, they automatically want a cigarette to go with their drink. Anyway, good luck and keep at it! emoticon
    1711 days ago
  • NKING1982
    Thanks guys, i am using the quitnow website, that's where i got the free patches from. A week after i started using it, i noticed when i smoke the most (like drinking) and during certain activities, and it does have some tips on other things to do instead. But it's hard. I broke down and had one cigarette today, but hey there is always tomorrow. I didn't expect to quit right away, i knew it would be hard, but i will keep pushing, thanks again guys
    1711 days ago
    I was going to say Allen Carr's book it was awesome!! And quitnet.com is a GREAT resource. I also started knitting and crocheting for a while to keep my hands and mind busy but still let me watch tv at the same time. That really helped too. It was the best thing I ever did was quit. Over 3 years now....good luck!!!
    1711 days ago
  • CAROL_31649731
    It is sooooo hard! Keep at it, though . . . emoticon Try deep breathes when you have a craving. It will either help relieve tension (or else remind you why you need to quit because you'll cough). Eventually the deep breathing will be helpful, though. Remember exercise could help relieve stress, too! Good luck!!!
    1711 days ago
    Good for you! This is not at all easy. I "officially" quit in 2000 after smoking for 20 years but have cheated occasionally until 2 years ago. July 1st will be my 2 year anniversary of being completely smoke-free. The tricks that work for one person may not work for another. I just had to quit cold turkey. If I don't buy cigarettes, I can't smoke them! However, not everyone can do that. For me, the strict anti-smoking laws helped, I spent more time with supportive non-smoker friends, I avoided drinking to the point of tipsy or drunk since that's when I would give in to smoking, and I ate little snacks (as mentioned by SPTERRIV, make sure they're healthy). Another idea is drinking beverages with a straw. That helped me a bit. Sometimes the straws got chewed up but it kept my mouth busy.

    Good luck. You can do this! You can win!
    1711 days ago
    I quit after 30 years by reading Allen Carr's The Easy Way to Quit Smoking. I finished it and never smoked again.
    1711 days ago
  • NKING1982
    Wow orange hands, that's crazy! I tried to snack on heathly foods but it's not working, but thanks.
    1711 days ago
    Kudos for trying to quit smoking! My dad used carrot sticks when he was trying to quit. My mom would cut up a whole gallon ziploc bag at a time for him to keep in the fridge and grab whenever he felt like it. He ate so many that his palms actually started turning orange! But, healthier than the alternative, right? Good luck- keep that streak going!!!
    1711 days ago
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