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Monday, June 17, 2013

Okay – so I just checked my last blog update. I was going to work out more. Possibly join a gym. ...and then I got a few phone calls.

Last Saturday I ended up at Shakespeare in the Park in St. Louis (its really great this year – go see it if you can!) with some friends. My friend Erin brought one of her friends Nikki to the show. Nikki casually mentioned that they were looking for post-docs in the lab she works in at WashU. I look the guy up, he looks interesting, stem cells, colon diseases.... so I send him my CV. Then I start looking on Pubmed at his publication record and about sh*t a brick. In the last two years he has published multiple times in Science, Nature, and Cell. *jaw on floor* -- and he wants to meet with me!!!!!!

So that was ridiculously exciting. As I am eating lunch and reading his Science paper, I got another phone call on Wednesday. The first lab I talked with ALSO at WashU finally has a position open and they want me to take it and start on July 1st! So no matter what I probably have a job. *wipes sweat off brow* AND it would be as WashU which is an amazing institution and in St. Louis and near my family and boyfriend and exactly where I wanted to be.

BUT I already had an interview with the stem cell guy set up for Friday, and so I set up another meeting with the lab that offered me the job in reproduction endocrinology (working on non-hormonal birth control). As a cancer person, stem cells would be better than trying to prevent pregnancies, but a job is a job and the researcher in charge of that lab is amazing.

Fast forward to Friday. I’m freaking out. I meet with the stem cell guy, and he seems really smart and really interesting. I think I put on a good face. It was a quick meeting, but he is going to call my PI (aka, my boss) and talk to him. Then I would be asked (if he’s interested) to come back and give a talk to his lab so they can hear more about my research and then kind of hear how I talk and how well I can explain myself. He also mentioned... “yea if you came here you’d probably be on the project that was just published in Science working with the Broad Institute at Harvard.” I tried not to freak the f*ck out to badly and seem too ridiculously excited or drool!

I was a little late for my second meeting with the reproduction lab. I originally was talking to them about doing a prostate cancer project working with high-fat diet fed mothers... but there wasn’t money right now. So to get into the lab I would be doing the reproduction endocrinology project on an NIH T32 training grant (for the scientists out there) and then applying for more traditional post-doc funding as it came available. I had to tell her that I couldn’t accept right away, because I was talking to the other lab. As soon as I said that it went from me talking with her, to her trying to convince ME to work for her! I met with all the lab members, talked about projects, and was there for two hours! It was a crazy day for sure.

That was last Friday. I was so freaking excited I didn’t know what to do with myself. I never in a million years (especially after the last six months of job hunting) even think it would be a possibility to work on a Science/Nature-level project doing a post-doc at a top institution. I know we all feel like shams and that we aren’t very good at our jobs as women especially – I even read an article on this today: side note for my ladies in science :
But to possibly have the opportunity to work in the stem cell lab could help make my future career! Its just so exciting, so I’m taking a risk and not accepting the endocrinology position right now – just to see if I could get in the stem cell lab.

Then to top off the good weekend I spent Friday night over at Erin/Keith’s house playing cards with a bunch of their friends. Then spent Saturday running errands with TJ and had a game night at my house with my sisters from another mister and their partners. And Sunday slept in and made some awesome minecraft magnets for a gift. It was a good weekend.

Now today I’m still in StL, my parents are in CA for a funeral so I’m holding down the fort and watching five dogs. I’m trying to clean up the house before my parents get back. Play with the puppies, catch up on work, catch up on Spark, probably give all the dogs a bath, do a bunch of laundry, unpack some more of my stuff, and try to reorganize stuff in the garage and the attic.... oh yea, and the lawyer apparently wants to meet this week to go over the discrimination lawsuit I’m a part of (as one of the discriminators.... against someone who is a) obviously not being discriminated against and b) has a mental problem where I think she is delusional and actually believes that this stuff all happened to her and c) is suing as a 1/16 native American female for discrimination against 3 females... one of whom is also 1/16 native American (me!) So there’s that drama that is just so ridiculous I can’t even begin to waste energy on it.

Tuesday night I’m heading to the Cubs/Cards game at Busch with TJ. Then Thursday we drive up to Wisconsin for ANOTHER WEDDING! Seriously. It’s a Friday wedding and TJ is in it, so we have to leave Thursday and Friday. We’re gonna be cheap and come home on Saturday to avoid another hotel bill. Its just a lot of traveling and money that TJ didn’t want to spend. Plus its taking money out of my shiny budget (aka a ring I might wear on my left hand ;-) )

So that’s that. I’m trying to eat better. Thank god for summer! Grilling healthy meats outside (yum chicken and pork chops on the grill!), lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and sunshine. I feel like I do so much better in the summertime. I literally spent $20 on fruit and I’m going to stuff my face with watermelon later. I managed to get 2 of the 3 or maybe 4 small kidney stones out, but this last one needs to get out ASAP. Its starting to annoy the crap outta me because I’m drinking so much and have been for two weeks now. Oh well. C’est la vie. I’ve been to busy to care too much.

The one thing I don’t miss about StL summers though – the humidity today is ridiculous. 90% humidity and its not raining and its in the upper 80s. *die*

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