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creepy berry and legs for days

Monday, June 17, 2013

This grape freaked me out! The picture doesn't do it any justice but this thing was so creepy, it brought a tingle down my spine.

The underbelly was worse. It wasn't like it was a siamese grape. When you looked at it closely, it looked like several disfigured grapes got fused together. I told Derrell to eat it and he took off running! The good news is that we finally had the chance and the finances to do some deep grocery shopping. Our primary focus was lean meats and produce. We used to buy the large plastic containers of Spring Mix so that we could make salads at any time. I don't know why we got away from that but yesterday we bought some. We also got a fresh pineapple, bananas, plums, apples and the infamous grapes. All in all, we made good choices at the grocery store (no sweets!) and got a cart full of goodies. The house is stocked and I am hoping my bad eating will be curbed.

SInce my trip in Denver last week, I have been eating whatever I want. This includes two doughnuts, 3 mini sugar cookies with frosting, and a big hunk of fruit pizza at our work potluck yesterday. And I didn't even workout! I am pretty sure I am up at least 2 pounds this week. Today I have resurrected Good Nikki. I pulled out my digital scale this morning (which I haven't used in months) and weighed my cereal and my milk and I wrote it down in the food journal. I measured my snacks for today though I have not begun snacking yet. I pulled out my quart water jug rather than my little water bottle and I began chugging my water. My goal is to drink close to a gallon of water today but now that I know 4 Qts = 1 gal., I am skeptical. Maybe today I drink a half gallon. That is equal to 8 servings of water. So maybe I shoot for a 2.5 quarts. I would prefer to get 10-12 servings of water a day.

I am so glad that I can check myself so easily now. I pick up on slip-ups quickly. I have noticed that since I begun doing less gym work and more jogging and running, that I look flabbier! Not really flabby butmy upper body looks softer (though my tummy is coming down) but my legs look AWESOME SAUCE! I am going to have to get in the gym and do some upperbody work or at least start using my resistance band and kettle bell at home because at the wedding, no one will see my legs!

My best friend was in town this weekend visiting from Atlanta. We met up with her mom and our two other friends at her aunt's restaurant. It was SUPER hot that afternoon. I put on one of my old "Skinny" dresses and a cardigan. Sometimes I forget how tall I am because I was showing A LOT of leg. Her aunt, who is 71, even scolded me about showing off my body! That has definitely never happened before IN MY LIFE! She said, "We can all tell that you are a beautiful girl with a great body but you don't want to give it all away!" I explained to her that this is not my regular style of dress, that i am typically pretty conservative and that I sometimes forget how tall I am. I think she thought I was a floosy! Here is a pic of the dress (minus the cardigan). As you can see, I will not be wearing this again in public!

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