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How to Cure Worry Warts

Monday, June 17, 2013

Ok, gals, here goes. I wrote out my thoughts on index cards last night to prepare so hopefully, lol, that will keep us on track. First of all, please let me acknowledge something, I KNOW how difficult it is to get past worry. TRUST ME. I used to worry from the time I got up until the time I went to bed. I would worry so much, I wouldn’t sleep for days and days and sometimes even weeks, I kid you not. How I did not end up permanently psychotic. I say permanently because I have flirted with psychosis, well, who am I kidding, it tackled me with the biggest, wettest kiss I have ever encountered in my life, and yet, here I am, I still stand. What was my cure? Well, you know the short answer of course, it was and still is Jesus, but for the sake of the sticker slap, let’s unpack that a little.

What causes worry?

Our need to figure everything out is a good place to start. This can cause real problems in our lives AND personalities. We are designed to reason; this is true, but NEVER apart from God. No, instead we are to reason with God, like Moses did when he asked the Lord to change his mind about obliterating the Israelites. You see God is the “Most Moved Mover”. He owns everything, knows everything, is everything, lol, but he can be moved. He can be asked a request, and we can know by offering our request that he has heard our prayer and has answered us. When we start experiencing God like that, we will pray more, lol, and worry much, much less.

Another thing that causes worry is our emotions. We live in them. Instead of realizing that our emotions are only a tool to help us navigate life, we allow them to dictate our lives. This should not be because we cannot trust our emotions. Think about it. Have you ever had a day when you were in a really, really good mood, then someone you know comes along and gets on your very last nerve, and on account of it, the rest of your day is shot?! You’ve allowed that person’s negative outlook affect yours. You’ve allowed that person’s perhaps opinion or misheld belief about you dictate your mood, your day. This is a matter, not of emotion, to become free, but of choice. We always have the power to believe what we want about anything. Fear and worry can even creep in from the opposite direction and say don’t shine that brightly, don’t do that much good, you will really be stepping out, and what if you make a fool out of yourself. What if God isn’t in that, or there to catch you if you “try so big”? Worry seeks to destroy everything it gets it’s slimy hands on, including you and me.

Why Should You Choose Not to Worry?

For one, the Bible says worry is a sin. (Matt. 6:25 ) So that’s a great place for our thinking to start! We want to be OBEDIENT to Christ, right? OF COURSE WE DO! Once we’ve become a new creation in Christ by accepting him as our Lord and Savior, a new desire wells up in us, we want to do what is right! That to me is clearly not the problem, lol, the problem is WE CAN’T DO THE GOOD THING WE WANT TO DO! (Romans:7:15) So how then do we CURE worry warts? I’ll give you some scripts, eh?

The Prescription for Worry Warts

God says in Romans 12: 2 that it is our reasonable duty to God to “be transformed by the renewing of our mind”. That is our job, his job is to fix and complete us. Pretty simple huh? It is so simple, that is why Jesus is called a stumbling block in the Word. He didn’t make this rocket science because he wants EVERYBODY to understand what he is talking about. The way we become more and more like Christ is quite simple, but if you have issues with pride or rebellion or think you know better or more than others including God, in other words, you lack a “teachable” spirit, then it will be VERY hard for a person to get this. BUT if you are willing to admit to God, not me, lol, but God that hey, maybe I’m missing it here, I’d really love to have more of the kingdom operating in my life, which is righteousness, peace and joy (Romans 14:7) Father, would you help me?

Then, my dearest friend, you are in a marvelous position to receive from him all that he has been dying for you to ask him for! Literally, he can’t get this stuff to us fast enough, but, and this is a big but, we HAVE to be in a “position” to receive. What does that position look like? Well, since we are talking about worry warts, I suppose the best position would be to relax as best you know possible. Then pray, asking the Lord how you know best, to remove them from your life, and to replace them with something beautiful. That is the essence of the Christian life. It starts with the GREAT EXCHANGE. Then it’s a series of exchanges all the way up until the day he comes to take us home, or we go home to him. It’s simply us giving him ashes, and he then in return gives us beauty. (Isaiah 61:3) So what are you waiting for? GIVE HIM THOSE WARTS! WOO HOO!

How to Treat Flare-Ups

Well, if you’ve been walking with the Lord any amount of time, you will realize that you now too have a very real enemy. His name is Dummyhead, I mean Satan :D, and he absolutely DOES NOT WANT YOU TO GET THIS! He wants you to stay trapped in worry, hopelessness and despair. HE HATES LOSING GROUND! You see once you give something to God, and you truly let him have it, meaning you didn’t have a string attached to pull it right back in a couple of days, or you were just “checking it out”, but you truly gave it to God, the devil will then be right there to tempt you to worry again. That’s his job, NO BIG DEAL. We need not focus on him; we need to focus on OUR JOB. Remember what I said that was?

It’s found in Romans 12:2, we MUST renew our minds to KEEP our FREEDOM! We must keep on thinking about God’s promises as found in his word, until we are TOTALLY TRANSFORMED to look like God. Now, let me make sure you understand something, we will NEVER arrive here. That means we will never be perfect like Jesus, he is the only perfect one, BUT, but, but, we can become more and more like Christ. This means that we can continue walking in more and more victory and we will look more and more like God. That is why his word is so, so so-so important. IT HAS THE POWER TO CHANGE US. NOTHING ELSE HAS POWER. NOTHING. TRUST ME, lol, I’ve tried everything!

Oh, and another really cool thing is, is that once the Son sets you FREE, you are FREE indeed. (John 8:36) Jesus is NOT an Indian-giver, lol, no offense if you are an Indian, I too have much Indian blood in me, lol. But you get the ol’ analogy, he GIVES AND GIVES AND GIVES. He never takes, unless he is taking OUR JUNK so that we can be more and more like him. Like I said, it is a beautiful, marvelous, wondrous exchange?! Why does God love us like that? I’m not worthy! I know, lol, I know, I feel the SAME WAY, but we must LEARN how to RECEIVE this AMAZING LOVE. LOVE, his love is the KEY TO LIFE. Nothing is sweeter, nothing will satisfy the achy, breaky parts in our heart like a big ol’ dose of Jesus! I promise! I’ve tried everything, lol :D LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES, THERE’S NOT ENOUGH TIME IN THE WORLD FOR YOU TO REPEAT ALL OF MINE!!!


Ah, lol, didn’t see that coming did ya? There are two things that I believe will really help you get this deep in your spirit so it will CHANGE your life. I never, ever ask anyone to do something I would not do myself. That’s just the type of leader I am. I have always led like that in any job or volunteer experience I have ever had, so please know I ask you to do this, out of that heart. One, I use a butt load of sheet paper and index cards! Ask my closest friends, who have been to my home, I have SCRIPTURES everywhere in my home, lol. Why? Because I am working on areas too! The areas I’m working on are posted everywhere in my home so that I can grow in that particular area. I only change out those scripts, if God is done training me in that area. I use sheet paper and make the scripts real big on my fridge, windows, cabinet doors, lol, what I KNOW I NEED a lot of help, lol. And I use index cards to read to myself (not out loud, lol, unless you want people to think you’re crazy ;) that I throw in my purse or make up bag. I MUST, I REPEAT, I MUST RENEW MY MIND DAILY.

If I stopped renewing my mind anytime in the last 13 years I have been faithfully walking with the Lord, well, let me put it to you this way, I have gotten lazy about it. Every single time I get lazy about it, the Devil is right there SNARLING in my face demanding I give him back the territory God has won for me. Now this doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s just like ANYTHING in life, if you STOP DISCIPLINING yourself in an area, you will get the “old” results right? Just think about your body for a minute, and I think you’ll have the idea. So ok, first homework assignment, I need you to search over your home or go purchase at the dollar store index cards, paper and a pen to write out all the scriptures you can find on worry. You can find the scriptures VERY easily today by either googling “scripture list on worry” or something like that.

Find the ones that speak the most to you. Or the ones that when you are reading them STAND OUT. They touch your heart somehow. If a scripture does that, it’s quite possible that God wants that particular one blazing in your heart. The only way it will ever get to blazing is if you keep on telling yourself it over and over and over. Now at first this may sound really weird to you. Your mind may actually give you a heck of a time receiving it. Your thoughts might even be so antagonistic towards the new thinking that you will hear weird noises in your head, or the devil may try to scare you. DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT, lol, right? The idea is to OVERCOME WORRY so practice it even if it is EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTALBE! Why in the world would I do something I hate? Well, why do you eat spinach? Or take your medication? Because although there may be a terrible taste in your mouth or a “side effect” in the END YOU KNOW it will make you BETTER. Right? Getting it? THIS WILL WORK!

The Challenge

Give it one month! One solid month of trying out God’s word every, single time you are tempted to worry. Now don’t be neurotic about this, lol, if you miss it, it’s ok, God loves watching his kids try. You would NEVER yell at your baby for falling down for attempting to walk, so please know ABBA DADDY, our Father, Jesus is very kind and very loving, and he has a HUGE learning curve! Capiche? Ok, gals, I love you will all of my heart. If a month goes by, and you are noticing some amazing changes, even earlier, would you shoot me an email? Would you let me know what God is doing for you? I’d love to know, but please realize this Jesus thing is a very, very, VERY personal deal so don’t feel or WORRY about having to do that, lol. I just want to celebrate with you, but I don’t NEED to celebrate with you. Make sense? FREEDOM is the goal here. FREEDOM. Ok, love you guys! Have a great, relaxing, wondrous day in Jesus. I seriously think I’m going to get some breakfast and head to the pool here soon. XOXO

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    What has helped me is a visualization of giving my worries to God. If I offer them with an open hand, God can take them and transform what I am worrying about into a blessing. If I offer them to God with a chenched fist (holding tightly on to the worry), it cannot be transformed. By holding on (worrying), I deny God the chance to gift me with His glorious grace.
    1712 days ago
  • MRSP90X
    I am a Class A Worrier!!! I completely understand what you mean about the psychosis thing! There have been times where I thought I was going to lose it and come completely unhinged!!

    This blog though gives the best and practical way to get the scriptures into our hearts!! This is the best blog I have read! I will be doing my homework! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1713 days ago
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