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Weekend recap & Random thoughts

Monday, June 17, 2013

Random thought #1: Oh yeah! True Blood is back, baby! I'm always sad when a show I love ends for the season, but True Blood last night went a loooong way to help me cope with the end of Game of Thrones.

emoticon That hour went so incredibly fast! Added bonus, Mad Men is winding down, but still on, so two hours of perfect TV viewing last night. It's the little things sometimes....

So the weekend went good. Weird, but good. Friday I left work early to go get my birth certificate for my passport, and ended up just poking around in Janesville. Scored some cute shorts at Old Navy for $10 and love that I have turned into a person who feels OK wearing shorts. I think I went 7-8 YEARS without owning a pair. Then I decided to paint my girls room since DH took them out of town. Yeah, party animal me stayed up til 2 a.m. Saturday morning painting! Oy. It was kind of bittersweet: While the room DEFINITELY needed it, gone are the pale yellow walls, gauzy pink curtains, huge butterflies adorning the walls, and pastel color-block area rug. My girls are growing up, and no longer suited to a babyish room. emoticon It's just another visual reminder that time is marching on, and they ARE growing up so incredibly fast. I ended up going with "Glazed Raspberry" for the walls, and added in silver glitter for some fun sparkle. Picked up some gray sparkly curtains as well, and two smaller throw rugs. Haven't decided what to decorate the walls with, but I think I'll pick up random frames to display their artwork in.

Because I was so busy, I had to remind myself to EAT that night, and really Saturday too. It was one of those days where I'd look at the clock and see that an hour had passed when it felt like only 20 minutes should have. Yesterday was not the same story.....I didn't eat much until last night, but hoo boy, it all came catching up to me and did I eat!

Spent a lot of time with my BFF, learned some new toning routines, cleaned our studio at the church, hung out. On the home front, I have to say it: I could totally live alone. I am a solitary creature by nature I think. It does not worry or stress me to be alone. It just happened to work out that I spent a good deal of time with my friend this weekend, but I LOVED LOVED LOVED not cleaning up after anyone. Not having to tend to anyone's needs. It is SO incredibly refreshing to walk into your house and have it be JUST HOW YOU LEFT IT (clean!!). *sigh* I love having order in my house. Always have; it's just that with working full time and now teaching zumba on top of that, there is just no way to have order, or I spend so much time harping on the family to put their crap away that it TOTALLY RUINS my mood.

So it was a good weekend really, I didn't have anyone to get frustrated with, and i was able to come and go as I pleased without worrying about it, or having to answer to anyone. It's just funny how somewhere along the line, when you have a family, you LOSE a part of yourself, because you have to give so much of yourself to them. It felt good to reclaim a little of ME this weekend. I took a good look around the house before i left for work today, because lord knows when I get home it will look like a cyclone hit, or in other words, back to life as normal. emoticon I think mostly, it this weekend just helped me realize i'm not crazy....but my family sometimes tries to drive me there. I HATE feeling out of control, and I often feel that way when I look around our house. Having a family is apparently at odds with my Type A personality. emoticon I hope this all makes sense to some other moms out there.....

Outside of that, well, it's Monday. Girls will be surprised to see their newly painted room! (Now if only they'd keep it clean..... emoticon )
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    LOVE me some True Blood!!! Can't wait to watch that episode! :)

    I'm with some of the others. I'm soooo about enjoying my kids every second, every minute they're with me. Children are such a gift. emoticon
    1711 days ago
    I agree with the first comment! Don't waste precious energy harping on the kids for small insignificant things... that energy could be better used elsewhere!!! I can imagine wanting a clean house and having kids who just don't seem to care can feel frustrating... but when you change your perspective on what really matters, a clean house is probably on the bottom of the list!
    Happy, well adjusted kids is definitely at the top!

    ...My mom was not even close to the best housekeeper, but what stands out to me about her is not that, but her attitude was always sooo patient and calm with us kids! And she had 5!!! YIKES! I don't know how she did it! emoticon

    I took after her. I think I should get a MAID. LOL Chores are not for me!
    1711 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/17/2013 3:38:37 PM
  • ANGEL32192
    My girls shared a room up until last year! They are 19 & 16! It was hard at first for all of us but they so enjoyed creating their own space and doing their own thing. Plus they share a bathroom and can see each other when they leave the doors open while laying in bed. lol Enjoy them! They do grow up fast!

    Sounds like you had a great weekend!!!

    Cheers to a great week!!!
    1711 days ago
    Here is one bit of advice that I wish I would have learned a little earlier when my kids were little, and that is to not harp, don't let them push your buttons. One thing that always bothered me was they would leave the kitchen cupboards open. This made absolutely no sense to me and I was always on them about it and other things. Our job as mom to tell them how to do things, right? Then it hit me one day, would I rather the kitchen cupboards be left open or would I rather the family not be around at all. That was a no-brainer. So I stopped harping at them and I just calmly closed the cupboard doors. The difference was a quieter, less tense household.

    I love my family, I tried my best to enjoy them while they were here, and I do enjoy my life now that we are empty nesters, but sometimes I do miss that time when they were here and I wish I could see them more often. And when I go their houses, the cupboard doors are always closed.
    1712 days ago
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