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Monday, June 17, 2013

I met my goal. Woo hoo! What an upper! What a thrill!
After I broke my hand, I was told not to do much of anything, and it changed me. After gaining ten pounds, I stopped sleeping well -- snoring and doubtfully close to sleep apnea, acid reflux that just would not stop, endless fatigue ... And, YUCK! The girl in the mirror was some old grouch that I didn't recognize ... Puffy, sunken eyes, bloated ...
After a good two months of giving up, I opened an article on this site, and you all inspired me to get off my duff (I was doing experiments to see how big I could make it ... And they were working.)
I started drinking green smoothies and veggies 'til they practically oozed out my pores,
I refused most all wheat -- which I know I should be doing anyway, because I have a thyroid condition. (In this regard, by the way, I refused to listen to friends who described my diet as "crazy" and "weird." I've only explained Hashimoto's thyroid to these people two zillion times, but they would not believe me. I finally sent them an article written by a doctor, so they would SHUT UP! ... Peer pressure could be an entire new blog.)
Anyway, back to my happy topic: Everything is different now. I'm running, walking the dog, biking, sleeping like a log, LIVING! And the best part is ... Just a measly ten pounds ... And I am at that point where a person thanks God for every healthy second.
My new goal: Maintain this. Don't EVER take it for granted, and ALWAYS thank God. He has rescued this poor little lamb more than once, and it fills my very soul with happiness!
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