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Why failures are more important than successes

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Today I went and updated my weight. I had gotten down to 141.8 lbs as of the end of the biggest loser contest that I won. I am now 152.8 lbs. Considering I had started out at 163 lbs thats not that bad, but I have postponed updating it mainly because I don't like setbacks. Most people I know don't like setbacks. We all like to be winners all the time, but that's just not realistic. We will fall off our bike. Yeah thats embarrassing - especially if someone saw us. But the important thing is that we get back on. Our successes don't make us who we are. We learn more from our failures. They are what's important. Fail, learn from it, get back up. If you succeeded at something that means you're done with that part and can move on and make another goal.

Be flexible with your goals. Make them obtainable but slow and gradual.

Today I took part in a trail run. 15k or 9.3 miles. I am accustomed to running on smooth surfaces. I hadn't been training with as long a distance as I should have - I did most of my training at 4 miles. Also, the quick ups and downs of trail ruts was annoying as well as clearing the tree roots and running in the loose sand on the trails too alot of extra energy. I don't know how many tree roots I hit with my shoes, but its was alot (never fell just stumbled). It was also very hot 85 F feels like temp 92 humidity 70%. I had a goal of running this quickly. Wanted to run at a pace faster than my fastest half marathon (10 min 15 sec per mile). It became obvious to me that I had to change my strategy to running and walking to complete. I WAS going to complete this even if I had to slow down. I started walking for .25 miles and running for .75 miles. The last mile I wanted to run all the way through which I did. I had a really good kick at the end - visual sight of the finish line is a GREAT motivator - I ran as fast as I could to get there. The walking slowed me down alot, but I finished - settled for 12 minutes and 57 sec per mile. I got my finishers gift in this case a beer glass at the end as well as some Muscle Milk, bananas, and apples.

The trail run was beautiful though. It was at Hunstville State Park. It was alot more scenic than a road run.

Again, I failed at my initial goal, but made up for it at the end. I learned that trail running requires alot more preparation than road running. It was a great run. I completed the run and learned alot from it.

"Meeting half a goal is better than none, I run and run until I'm done."

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