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Water Workout

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Although I have no interest in sharing information about food when asked, I feel I have a responsibility to share any information I have about fitness with those who ask. When I first started this journey I wouldnt say I had a clue about fitness. I knew if I kept walking and moving that eventually I would loose weight. Well we have come a long way from that concept. I have incorporated so many different exercises and yes even taken away a few. I push it hard but there is a limit that well I can not push past that was a hard lesson learned. Probably for me the most amazing part of my workout that really works even though you dont think I am doing much is my water workout. Let me see if i can tell you about it here.

warm up :
5 minutes of casual walking
5 minutes of backwards walking

30 walking lunges
30 ankle drops
30 hip abduction with noodle

30 Oblique press outs

3 1 minute planks with 25 pound resistance band

I use a wonder board for 2 exercises.
1. place the board under water and stand on it, using the same form a dry gym squat ... I do the squat but when i go down the board floats up about 6 inches off the floor of the pool then as I come up i push it back down. I do 3 sets of 10 squats on the board. the trick is dont fall off the board.
2. Sit on the wonder board in the deep end of the pool. Sounds simple enough right ... During this exercise the board is constantly moving and you must stay on the board . This causes you to constantly adjust your core sometimes side to side some times back to front but you are always adjusting . Tip here if you try this lock your abs in and you wont feel it immediatly but you feel it ... This is a five to 10 minute exercise depending on how much you want to hurt later. this is my wonder board.

Next comes the Resistant Cuffs . I use the red ones. They offer the most resistance and i have very strong legs ( remember they toted 365 pounds two years ago lol ).

The resistance cuffs are great for doing anything in the deep water end of the pool . You really have to fight with them to keep your feet down. I do another core exercise with them. When I get into the deep end i place my feet straight down and my arms at my sides. and I can only hold this for 5 minutes. again you must lock your core in but the water constantly moves you just like with the wonder board so you are constantly working your core.

After those exercises I do 30 minutes of water jogging with the cuffs on. Then comes the end 10 minutes of my version of stadium stairs. starting at the side of the shallow end of the pool that is closest to the stairs I run as fast as i can in the water and then up the stairs and then back to and around to the starting point. This one is new so it is really tough for me. but I am getting better at it.

With my Achilles Tendon rehab I cant do a lot of things like squats and lunges on the dry land but I promise it is just as tough in the water if you add the right equipment. I was told something one time that has now become the sole basis of my training " Water can prepare for any sport but there is no sport that will prepare you for the water ." That is so true. I am very lucky that I had a great rehab team that taught to me work smarter not harder where my foot was concerned.
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