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Very brief fire update and fun active day

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Thanks so much to all of you have responded to my blogs on the Silver Fire and sent up prayers also. The blog yesterday that talked about the community spirit, some of the information came from an article in the Silver City Sun News on Friday morning whose headline was something like "Two towns, one community, or something like that. I can't remember exactly now. The good news is that we've had some cloud cover, lighter winds, and higher humidity that has helped the fire fighters somewhat. Not much rain but the humidity helps. It grew a little since yesterday, but not very much compared to previous days. Still zero percent contained, and areas still threatened. But the town of Kingston so far is still safe, which I think is totally amazing and makes me really feel such gratitude for the crews that have worked so hard by clearing fuel as far as they can around the community, soaking buildings with water, and other efforts to prevent damage.

Okay, now on to other cheerful things! I started the day out at 4:30 this morning, with 50 minutes of strength training at home while watching recorded tv shows. Then at 5:30 I headed out for a run/walk because I had to get it done early because it's a busy day today. I know I should do cardio first, but I'm not going out running the streets at 4:30 in the morning in the dark. We have been told there has been a bear spotted in town. A police office stopped my two granddaughters who were about half a block from my house and told them to be careful because a bear had been spotted on this side of town. By 5:30 it is starting to get light. I did walk run repeats for a total of 1 1/2 miles, then walked for while. Then I went too far and had to get home to pick up my BOuntiful Basket at 7:00am, so I ran about another 1/2 mile to hurry home. Altogether I did 3.25 miles. I got home, quickly got ready and picked up my basket. Awesome things. I had ordered the regular basket and also the extra tropical fruit basket. I can't remember at the moment everything, but there were 4 bags of carrots, 3 yellow bell peppers (love those!) a bag of brussel sprouts, a head of butter lettuce, a package of mushrooms, some fresh ginger, and at the moment can't think of what other vegetables. Fruits between the 2 baskets included a casaba melon, a pineapple, a coconut, some vanilla bean, some fresh mint, 6 limes, some mangoes, bananas, red and yellow apples, a bag of purple grapes (which the grandkids had finished off by 11:00 am) and I can't think what else. But lots of goodies! I love the surprise of finding what's in the basket and the challenge of trying new things. I've never had casaba melon before for one thing.
After getting the baskets, I had to go pick up my ex husband to go to breakfast with him and take him to do his shopping. He doesn't drive anymore. He's older than me by 13 years and is getting more frail at age 71. We've become friends many years after we were divorced. For a long time it was awful (we were divorced in 1989) but the last 6 or 7 years we've helped each other out. He's okay in small doses LOL. So anyway I got home from that about 10 and took in the baskets of goodies into the house to put away. I kept it in the trunk till I got through with him because I don't want my family to tear into everything before I get a chance to see what's there! Got that put away and a couple of other things done while waiting for 4 grandkids to get ready to go to the park for a fun family fitness event called Jump into Summer. Grandkids are Elijah (age 13), Diego and Keyana (both age 10 and cousins) and Bethany age 8. My intent after all that was to sit in the shade in a chair I'd brought and watch while they went around to the different things in the park, which is a city block in size. But then I had been sitting about 10 minutes when they announced a simple yoga demonstration in the pavilion so I decided to go check it out. It was about 20 minutes long. I knew it wasn't going to be too hard since it was on the cement and no mats or anything. It was easy but it was a very different kind of yoga, called Kalaidescope Yoga. We use our bodies in circles to do gentle stretches while doing different patterns kind of like a kalaidescope. (don't know if I spelled that right.) It was fun an interesting. Then I went back and sat down for about 5 minutes and decided to go check out a few other events. Everything is free, an when you sign in you get this paper with 8 blocks on it and every event or booth you visit you get it stamped. When you fill your card, you put it in the box for drawings they were having and you could get another card and fill it. While I was doing that, the grandkids were volunteering to be dunked in the dunking booth (lots of kids wanting to get dunked LOL), going down the waterslide (a big inflatable thing that has a slide into a pool of water that when they are not using they deflate like a jumping balloon. They were also going in the jumping balloon that looked like a big train engine, going through an inflatable obstacle course, trying smoothies, doing ring tosses, and lots of other booths. So I decided to get a paper and get my stamps. Some were information booths but lots of activities too. One was a walk which required you to walk the perimeter of the park 4 times, which was about a mile. I did that. I tried hula hooping and the had some heavier adult hoops and I found that I could actually do it! I may have to get a hula hoop now. another was a booth that was making fruit smoothies. They had a blender hooked up to a bicycle to power it and you had to ride the bike to operate the blender until the smoothie was done, then you got a little cup of it. I did that too. It only took about 5 minutes but it was fun. I walked around the park a lot. I can't remember what else I did. But it was an active time. It was supposed to end at 2 pm, but most of the booths stayed until almost 3. About the last half hour I sat in my chair and just enjoyed the shade I was in and a cooling breeze. It was overcast part of the time, and cooler than it had been and it just felt so good. The kids had a great time and I did too. Then I came home and have been relaxing, catching up on e-mail, and sparking after a very busy day with lots of fitness and healthy food.
Tomorrow if it's not too hot and overcast some like today maybe I'll get a hike in. Sure wish those clouds would bring us some rain though!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!
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