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Rough past week- Long blog since ER visit

Saturday, June 15, 2013

This past week has been a rougher one than usual for me.
My headache pain got worse after my last blog, to the point that Monday morning I drove to the ER, especially after being told that the earliest I could get into the doctor would be Thursday! For me to want to go to the ER is very unlikely, so that showed something was not right. I stayed at work until another person came in early, then I was off. I asked my husband which ER he was closest to, and headed there.
The "headache" pain was not like a normal migraine, tension, or sinus/ear infection pain. It was in the spot where my body weight rested (upside down) for 30 minutes after the car accident 11 years ago. It had been mounting for a week+ and my functioning ability was down to basics only. They gave me Toradol, benadryl, and Reglan.... which did nothing, and soon I was in tears again. So a CT scan was ordered as well as some vicodin and phenergan. The CT scan was clear, so that was a relief, but the headache was still a 9.5 out of 10. The ER dr recommendation was to follow up with my PCP and get a referral to a neurologist. His thoughts were that it was either a tension/stress headache or some nerve damage from the accident since they started after that. I had an option between more pain meds there or take the headache med prescription and go home and sleep, so I took the latter. After a 3 hour nap, I woke up at a pain level of 5.
The following morning it was about a 3 pain, and I felt like I needed a nap every 2-3 hours... not surprising because of the pain meds.
Wednesday and Thursday morning, the pain level was about 1-2, and got worse if I touched the area, and the tiredness continued. So I rested as I felt the need, since I took the week off work and had a doctor appt on Friday with my primary care physician. The three ways I could think to describe the pain was trying to rub a bruise to make it feel better, pulling a ponytail too tight, and an internal itch that cannot be scratched.
At least I did not go into my doctor's office balling from pain. She, and the ER doctor, are stumped by the pain, and went ahead and put in for a neurologist referral. If the headache is gone once I hear about that, great, if not, then I can go ahead and make an appt since it is not a quick turn around for available times. She recommended me trying the ER headache medication and going home and sleeping, and to keep her informed as to how it is doing. She warned me off of ibuprofen because taking that, or aspirin, regularly can cause a rebound headache. My suspicions are either nerve damage, a herniated disc, or part of the fibro that got worse because the fibro was so bad. I took the medication and then slept for about 1 1/2 hours. The headache was better until I was up and doing things for about 1/2 hour, then it was coming back.
I am trying different combinations of foods to see what helps my energy the most and maybe the headache and fibro pain. Since the brain requires fat to function, just as many things in the body need it, I am trying to increase that some while eating healthy foods for the most part. I found out that too much fat and carbs= major weight gain for me. Yesterday I ate more protein and less carbs while trying to maintain fat intake, and my weight is down this morning and I do have a little more energy.... but no pain relief at this point. It is a puzzle finding the right balance for each person. I would love to have the head pain completely gone before vacation, so I am doing what I can.
A supportive spouse makes a huge difference. Even though he could do nothing for the pain, he told the person that called when he arrived at the ER that his wife was in the ER so he had to go. His big concern, as everybody else's, was something major wrong in the head showing up on the CT scan... there was a sigh of relief when that came back clear. He could have gone back to work while I waited for the CT results, but he said with me is where he needed to be. He is concerned about where we go from here. I am hoping that I can get into a neurologist and get an MRI because there is something wrong. At least having an answer is better than feeling like I am crazy and it is 'all in my head.' lol.
The weird thing is that the toradol that they gave me on Monday helped my fibro pain to ease, so now the shoulder, arm, neck and back are just very tender to the touch.
Oh well, onto another day. I will keep blogging occasionally as I find things out and what direction we are heading. I am not stopping my diving because that is relaxation for me... a half hour or more swimming with the fish and coral and whatever sea life is out there. Two days of diving next month: St Thomas and Grand Turk.
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    Wow, what a week. Hope your recovery continues. Keep us posted.
    1711 days ago
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