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Going Backward - and Why (Part 7)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Time to address eating plans. I found SparkPeople somehow on the Internet last fall; don't have any idea how. I was struggling with Atkins and that point. It was not the only "diet" I've used, of course, only the most recent. Diet Workshop. Weight Watchers on and off since 1972. NutriSystem, both at a center (1981) and again with their current ordering plan. Jenny Craig. Diet for a Small Planet. Eating only one meal a day.......and so on, ad nauseum. Heck, I'd even been influenced by Adele Davis when I wasn't overweight.

I knew immediately that I wouldn't want to use their weekly menus, but it looked like an interesting concept. And I was SO ready for a change. So I signed up and got the ranges for the macronutrients. I've never bought into the "bad saturated fat" concept, and I definitely DON'T believe in the serious fat restriction currently advocated by our government and endorsed by SP. a also believe that the carb range I was given was way too high. So I tweaked those ranges and started working to eat better choices of foods.

I was off and running, so to speak. For the first couple of weeks, I only used the water and freggie Quick Track. Then I was keeping my food diary faithfully every day. And I was losing weight! Nothing fabulous, but a pound or two every 4-10 days. (My old bathroom scale just gives whole pounds).

And then the problems began. Not for the reason many of you are thinking, either. You see, I'm a reader. And I was also reading other SparkPages, usually from the scrolling list of huddles, blogs, etc. at the edge of my Start page, or those whose blogs were featured. So I was finding that there were SparkTeams for those who follow (insert whatever). And I was getting books out of the library.

Now, I'm definitely not a Perfectionist - not even the closet Perfectionist one often finds in the Procrastinator. But I was raised with the concept that it is better (quicker, easier, cheaper...) to do any and every task right the first time than to have to go back and do it over. So now, in addition to all those precious eating plans, I was now reading about Primal and Paleo. I read Wheat Belly and The Perfect Health Diet. And more and more and more.

It seemed like with everything I read, I was playing with those protein, fat, and carb ranges. I was only trying to get my eating plan "right" - right? Of course, I thought I was. But I've learned that what I was really doing was making myself CRAZY. Just the ticket to add to the stressors I've already blogged about!

So I lived and ate CRAZY. Not sabotaging, such as binges, junk food, and such. Just CRAZY. I tracked. I was usually at or near the top of my calories but also exercising quite a bit more. But day after day after day I was changing those macronutrient ranges. And day after day after day, when I ran the Daily Feedback, the 7-day lookback was all over the grid. Red marks, red marks, and more red marks! I got even CRAZIER, I guess, every time I saw all those red triangles!

So now, I'm just going back to basics. I don't feel CRAZY. I've lost four of my 6-pound regain. And I'm not keeping a food diary or running a Daily Feedback. I track freggies and water. I don't eat boxed food other than oatmeal or pasta, I don't think. I'm essentially added-sugar-free. And for the indefinite future, I plan on doing pretty much that and only that!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Congrats on losing those 4 pounds! woo hoo!
    Keep it up, continue on. You'll get there!
    1346 days ago
    The best is the enemy of the good: Voltaire was right about that! Keeping it simple works . . . and losing the regain is fabulous, good for you!
    1347 days ago
    Well done! Getting back to the basics. Everyone loses weight differently. Focus on eating healthy and exercise within your means/what you normally have around the house and things will happen again! You can do it! emoticon
    1348 days ago
    So much of this, I could have written.

    I started off losing at good clip, just trying to keep it between the Spark Lines.

    Then I, too, read other's comments & blogs, and one link led to another link. Found myself on Mark's Daily Apple, filled with even more ideas and links.

    I learned alot, for the most part good, but weight loss slowed to a crawl then screeched to a halt.

    But I wasn't hungry. I was eating good healthy food. Just weight loss was not happening.

    But I had quit stressing over it. Just eating good foods, pretty much following Perfect Health Diet recommendations, making sure I was getting the nutrition that I needed. For the most part maintaining.

    Then a few months ago, I heard of Fast Metabolism Diet, and it just made so much sense to me, and maybe what I needed to get things moving again. And it was exactly what I needed. Took the guess work out for me and things are happening again emoticon

    Glad you are finding your way, and things a little less crazy. Believe me, I know crazy. emoticon emoticon

    1350 days ago
    Basic is good!
    1350 days ago
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