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Awesome Day!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Well, what a great day I had... I walked Buddy when I got up around 10, then niece called and sis was on the way out,. So, I invited them both for Eggs Benedict, neither had ever tasted it before, and it was a success with both... Before they came, I started mowing the lawn cuz the dandelions were just plain embarassing, so I finished that too. So, a visit and she loved my house... Then we went swimming at the hotel. .. It was a small pool but well packed and we had to swerve a bit, but I got a good swim in, did it ever feel good for my shoulders and arm... Also, got to visit in the hot tub. Met a lady from out where I grew up, knows my younger cousin, and talked to her about teaching.. She said for subbing here, they have to go through the list, can't just call their friends, so I might have a chance to sub after all.... maybe I will complete the papers and see what happens.

Then rushed home with niece, with a quick stop at Micheals and picked up another speciality scarf yarn on sale for $2 instead of $7. Made goulash for supper and then my sis and her friend arrived and we played cards and had such fun. Its a special Cape Breton card game called "Tarabish", and we joke that you play it with "half a deck" cuz you take out all the small numbers up to 6. It's kind of like bridge (which I have never played) in that you have to bid and there are trumps etc. Anyway, then we played Crazy 8's cuz it was a little early for my sis to leave, and we probably played about 8 hands, and I said it was funny nobody had gotten "Pick up 2", and my sis finally realized we were still playing with "half a deck", no little cards, did we feel crazy or what!!!

Nice to relax and just laugh and have some fun. There is more strategizing when you play partners cuz you can count all the trumps, but only the 3 of us played, so it was a little more challenging.... Sis called again and asked if I would like to play again tomorrow, so I might call my friend and see if she might want to come out. She hasn't been out to see my house even cuz she doesn't know her way around the community I live in, but sis just suggested they could pick her up, so hope, hope, it sure would be a lot of fun.. They aren't serious, it's just for fun, so I will have to call her. Dh can't see the cards to play anymore, Bummer...

I have to get busy on my 2 books for the book club, and i borrowed one of hers today too.... gonna be busy..

And best compliment I've had in forever too, my sis (who had gotten down to 160's with The Skinny Rules by Bob Harper last fall and is back up near 190's again) said she was going to ask if I had lost more, I looked good. I said THANK YOU, but told her I was actually up 15 lbs....

Busy, very fun day! Need more like it!!! Great weekend to all!!
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