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Health Stats Blog, Day 1

Friday, June 14, 2013

I go off of Spark every time I gain weight in a way that seems beyond my control (ie, meds) and to stay on a weight-loss site seems and ...is... discouraging. I've been gaining weight again---but: it might be:

~ diabetes (I'm in the middle of the testing process--results were in the diabetic range first time)

~ wrong meds -- the generic form of seroquel. And the crazy thing is that I'm *not* bipolar. My previous doctor put me on it when it *looked* like I was suddenly cycling rapidly ....and didn't check my thyroid levels (which were in fact HIGH). So now I have to get off of a really strong drug that I never needed to be on in the first place. This drug is known for causing weight gain.

So.... I'm going to work at doing a check-in blog (which really would just be a few facts, not a traditional blog), to chart health here for myself---AND STAY ON SPARKPEOPLE, with others' support.


weight this morning: 254.6lbs
had 175mcg synthroid
used flovent (morning dose)
went to the doctor for a fasting blood-stick. tested normal: 103

tired from going to bed *very* stomachsick

eaten: orange juice; green 'superfruit' tea (some caffiene); "cranberry health mix" (about a cup)--sunflower seeds, peanuts, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, raisins.

goals for today:
~ congratulate my younger son on his biology regents exam grade~!
~ mild exercise--did a good workout at the Y yesterday afternoon.
~ encourage Elisha to make phone calls for tomorrow.
~ some laundry / cleaning
~ bank paperwork

~ eat healthy emoticon

Exercise plan for the day: moving around with housework and yardwork has already kept me sweating. That and breaks for 3 ten-minute walks should be great.

I'll come back and finish the blog stats tonight and try to create a twice daily pattern for tracking in a way that seems helpful like this~

Goals completed except bank paperwork emoticon

Exercise: walked--slowly, but up and down hill, for about 35-40 minutes while my older son was at his lesson.

Tonight is night 4 of dropping seroquel dosage in 1/2, down to 12.5--there seem to be no 'blips' so far.

I remembered to take flovent (my inflammation is a dangerous number...somewhere close to 65, and I have been forgetting to be consistent with the medicine).

Had good hydration today.

Healthy food, too tired to list right now.

Need to wake up at 7:15 tomorrow, so hitting the hay.

Three things I liked about today:

~ FINALLY, sunshine!
~ a cleaner house, and a mowed yard
~ laughing with my older son
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