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Trail Photos And News Updates

Friday, June 14, 2013

Some trail photos while I update my news. This is my favorite trail because its so challenging, steep, going quickly up down around and at dizzying angles

This morning I hustled through 30 min of elliptical and 50 min of kickboxing with weighted gloves and sure could feel the burn after. Showered up, tracked my breakfast and waited for my Dad to call. He was taking me shopping again and he wanted to do it in the morning.

We ended up getting back late at 2pm so I had a quick lunch and proceeded to get things out of the way for my brother and my nephew to move out my entertainment center and put my desk back in the living room instead.

I had to tear apart my 'workout' floor so it wouldn't get damaged or tripped over. Then I cleaned out my filing cabinet of everything.

Then I had to clear off my desk and found out what it looks like underneath!

I had no less then five remotes to sort out from my entertainment center and was happy when my brother could use my VHS player as theirs quit working and they had lots of VHS tapes still to enjoy.

I was planning to stay for a four day weekend at Mom's but it all went to pot. She is leaving for Prince Albert by bus in the morning (Friday) to catch her granddaughter's graduation from chef school. She will come back with my sister that evening. I was called to work the bridge game tomorrow, a special one, requiring lots of change.

Then in the mail today I got the news that 5 day trip in August Mom and I were planning was cancelled because they couldn't get everything organized so that it would be a safe and enjoyable trip as the letter with the refund put it. So now those special games have all been given to other directors but I still have to do the prep work for them.

Its been stormy today and we were caught in two heavy downpours back to back so that people actually stopped because they couldn't see! Fortunately, they didn't last long enough to cause flooding.

My Mom rides my Stepdad pretty hard and he finally reached is breaking point and told her to stop riding him. Its the first time I saw him really angry. The cause too, was the side door on the van getting stuck shut, which has happened since the day they bought it, but because its infrequent, the car company refused to fix it while under warranty.

My Mom is no doubt ailing for the long and constant hours she puts in and her absolute refusal to let Angus walk Daisy, so she is going from early morning to suppertime. She finally admits she is only eating small bites throughout the day as she hasn't got time for anything bigger, but her stomach upsets make her lose her appetite. She did go see a Dr. and has a bladder infection (drinks more coffee than water in the morning as she doesn't want to go to the bathroom all the time when she is working or hiking so isn't helping herself) Angus does so little around there she has to nag him just to get some things done. But she really is aggressive and pushy and everything must be done absolutely right. She is exactly like my Dad in that respect. I think another year of looking after the huge yard, having to dig in new soil each year and replace annuals which requires 12 hour days to get it done for our short season, looking after all of Daisy's needs, trying to keep house is really wearing her out while she deals with bouts of stomach upset and infections. I think she is no longer planning to give Daisy away although there is a long list of people who want her and would give her a great home. But she sure didn't need the extra work of looking after a young energetic dog. Learned the sad news one of her pups, Buck, the one my nephew kept went missing, just after he was fixed today :(
My Dad leaves on Sunday, and he would like for me to come fix my Uncle's meals as I am close and it isn't much -he can only eat soft foods so its opening a can or a package and having soup or mashed potatoes etc. The meals being delivered are only three days a week! But also are stuff my Uncle can't eat much of. He doesn't have much of an appetite. My Dad tried in vain to seek help from his old church he used to go to while he lived here, but it appeared to be closed down.
Its a 15 min walk to my Uncle's place, the same as the bridge club.
I am tired and ready to sleep. Thanks for listening and congrats if you made it to the end of this! Its also great if you just look at the pictures ;)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    That hiking trail does look challenging! Sorry to hear that trip was cancelled, hopefully you can go on another one. Sounds like your Mom could use some time away. Then maybe she will realize Angus can take care of Daisy after all! She needs to rest some more and those bladder infections can get really bad- I know, been there! It can make you really sick, so make sure she takes all of the medicine, even if she starts to feel better. I have had one so bad I needed two doses of antibiotics before!
    1706 days ago
  • ENUFF81020
    I sure understand what aching and fatigue can do to someone, especially someone who wants to do it all and who likes to do it all--and someone who can't get others to be as invested in what she wants as she is. I lose my patience with people and push them around a bit--and it is my husband who takes care of things more often then strong-willed teenagers and young adults who have their own agenda. Your mom probably needs more support now than ever as does your step dad. Their relationship will withstand this--and another thing that is important is that you may not know that he has gotten fed up before but it stayed behind closed doors. I am guessing that as uncomfortable as things were for you to witness it, it is something that your parents will manage quite well. Hang in there with this.

    Your photos are always beautiful. I am so sorry that your trip was canceled. Is there another that you might sign on for in its place? I know that traveling is something that you like, enjoy and want more of.

    I'm keeping your uncle in my prayers and as always, you are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Gentle hugs,
    1708 days ago
    Like the photos! Looks like you have a number of family issues to keep you involved. Just remember all the good things about having a family. There are so many folks who are truly alone in this world. We, who do have family and loved ones can surely count our blessings.
    1711 days ago
    Great pics indeed!

    I am hoping that you don't find those meal prep duties (if you took 'em on) too onerous. I know you're not very keen on cooking for yourself . . . and it can't be easy. I'm surprised that the meals service can't be stepped up to 7 days a week and tailored to meet your uncle's specific dietary needs . . .
    1712 days ago
  • LINDA!
    I really enjoyed the pics and would love to walk where you go. Hugs to your uncle and mother and their medical conditions. emoticon
    1712 days ago
    Thanks for sharing your stories and lovely pictures, Linda. I am, as ever, in awe of your workout routine. The stormy-pleasant-stormy weather roller coaster here has my joints on fire, but I got in a long walk this morning and then limped to the shower. Step by step - literally. LOL
    1713 days ago
    Thanks for sharing your stories and lovely pictures, Linda. I am, as ever, in awe of your workout routine. The stormy-pleasant-stormy weather roller coaster here has my joints on fire, but I got in a long walk this morning and then limped to the shower. Step by step - literally. LOL
    1713 days ago
  • LESLIES537
    That's nice of you to help your uncle out like that. Plus you'll get some extra walking in that way. Sorry to hear of your ailing mother. Big hugs to you, my friend!
    1714 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    I love the pictures! Not sure I could ever walk that trail, so thanks for letting me do it vicariously!

    Sorry to hear about your Mom and your uncle!

    Take care of yourself!

    I hope something good comes up to make up for the canceled trip and the lost games...
    1714 days ago
    Wow! What a day - sorry for the change in plans - hope you get to travel soon and thanks for taking care of your uncle!
    1714 days ago
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