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Thursday, June 13, 2013

sigh. where to begin. im so tired right now. still trying this sleep in the day up at night thing, not yet hooked. it takes a long time for some ppl. today i planted my garden finally lol. i wasnt going to do one since im moving soon, but pa says i know the combo to the lock on the gait so just come over whenever lol.

trying to figure out when and where i can workout. i sure as heck am not walking/riding the bus in the dead of night to the gym. nope. wrong number. i wont. not safe in my area. of course i can workout at home, but i have a VERY hard time just freaking rolling off my bed, setting up my laptop and doing it. cuz its home. its cozy. and i dont have weights at home. i was going to figure out running times on my days off. having a hard time with that too. the catch is that i reeeeeally want to help speed up this weight loss. im on the 4hb diet again and dropping lbs, but exercise would indeed be beneficial, not even just for weight loss. i was on pinterest today looking at before and after photos and the time lines. i know we all want instant gratification, but its not how the world of weight loss works. unless u go under the knife lol. i just know i gain weight back sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fast, so im scared to even try to loose as much as i want, cuz i gained back 20 like you would not believe. my body seems to think its ideal weight is heavier than it really is. i know there is lean mass under here somewhere. i can feel it lol.

man am i tired. this heat.....100's already in denver and a giant wildfire to ...prove? it. my house has NO ac. which is another reason i dont like working out at home. the heat just saps me of any and ALL energy i have. i get so lethargic its scary. then i had a thought today while gardening. when its hotter out, do you burn more cals? since calories burning is dependent on raising ur body temp, i was curious if being hot outside aides weight loss at all. i know its more of a water loss thing, but seriously. that MIGHT motivate me to stay outside longer lol. until then, i cant wait for my fav season, Autumn.
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  • KONRAD695
    I have a few thoughts if you don't mind.

    Love the idea of melatonin, and if that doesn't work then Benadryl. Although it's best to try and have your body natural ASAP.

    Exercise at home- try Yoga. It's not the fastest calorie burner, but it is a great sequence of wake up movements. Gives you some muscle conditioning, which leads to more calorie burn. Overall wonderful for relaxation and breathing.

    Rebounding weight- I had to try loosing weight in steps. Push 10 to 12 pounds off, and take a break. My break would last around a week, then it was back at it. This took that LOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG drawn out hassle out of it. This also taught me/body to maintain, making it easier to hold my weight in place.

    Hope this could offer a little help.
    1680 days ago
    Your body needs time to adjust to every new weight, I guess that's why you gain everything back so easily. My body settled to my current weight after about a year in maintenance; and during my last kgs I lost about 0.2 pounds in a week.
    So. Frustrating. But I convinced myself that I gave my body the time it needed and I was right.

    Being outside always works better than staying indoors I think. And even a little something is better than nothing.

    emoticon emoticon
    1684 days ago
    Do you have a fan? This happened to me when I was in DC and the heat was horrid, with no AC. I put it right in front of my face.

    Switching gears doing night shift is going to take some acclimation. You thought about Melatonin for sleeping? That, and a sleep mask to keep out the daylight. (They're pretty cheap at the pharmacy.)

    Is there a gym in the hospital or near it?
    1684 days ago
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