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Where did customer service go?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Today I tried to go out into the world and buy things. I only went to a few places and the best place to be was the pool with the kids.

I went to McDonalds. I used to work at McDonalds, in several different ones, both privately and corporately owned. When I used to work there, we were told to have good customer service and when asked about the toys for the kids, I would gladly look and see which ones there were because in my day (geez I sound old) we were not allowed to ask "boy or girl toy" because that would be politically incorrect. If someone asked me which toys there were, I would nicely bring out the options and if there were two (generally aimed at the two genders) I would have to ask them "Hotwheel or Barbie" or whatever the two options were that week.

Now they're defensive about really asking "boy or girl" and not telling me which toy line or options if they were doing the clean out of what they have. I get the evil eye when I ask (nicely the first time) "which toys do you have today?" like I'm the one that's wrong. Even though my children act their natural gender as much as the culture would like, I know that sometimes I have to sadly tell my son why he can't wear nail polish in public because of the bullies.

How hard is it to turn around and look at which toys there are? Had we not been with my mother, who was treating, I probably would have canceled the order and left because they just wouldn't tell me which toys there were. I didn't find out which toys we got until we got to the table.

In this day and age, gender is blurring more and more and really what's the big deal if my son would like the "girl" toy or my daughter would rather have their "boy" toy. It's not the only McDonald's that has done that to me. I even asked one (and how is it always the managers being like this to me?) when they switched their standard? It's like they're trying to make it easier for their employees to be lazy and I'm wrong for questioning their norm.

Then I was trying to do some grocery shopping. Now I'm already in crabby mode, so not in the best mood from lunch. For the second time this week, I was trying to get some meat cut. The ad stated that I could get this particular cut for cheap and that I can get the meat "cut and wrapped for free". I was there at 2:30. Middle of the day, right? Apparently that's too late to get my meat cut. This is the second time I tried to do this this week!

I ended up calling the meat boy (who wasn't old enough to use the big equipment) a name and walking away to the customer service desk. Fortunately I was able to find out when I could get my meat cut during this ad (before noon on Saturday, because I can't get up there in the morning tomorrow!) so that I don't miss out on 20 pounds of meat for really cheap. You don't see pork for under $2 a pound often and I really want to load up my freezer with something other than my organic grass-fed cow that I bought from a farmer.

I'm usually a very nice person, but today has just thrown me over the edge! I even bought a candy bar and ate it (I got enough for all 4 of us, only ate my one). What ever happened to the customer being important? If it wasn't for me going to these establishments, they wouldn't still be used. I guess I'm really saying that if they all treat everyone like I was treated today, they'd go out of business, right?

Fortunately the second place has a facebook page you can actually comment on. McDonald's doesn't and now I have to hunt down the corporate email. I really want to work with my grocery store because they are the only ones that have particular items I buy frequently and I'd hate to have to switch brands of certain things. I know I can't get my milk at Target because they don't carry it in the paper carton and when they did, it was for $0.50 more.

So now I'm working on something other than pork chops for dinner (ribs and corn, yum!) and we'll go for a walk afterward. I'm managing to get my husband on more walks for now, until the weather gets too hot.

I also found a pea growing on one of my plants. At least something positive happened to me today.

Today's Holidays: Sewing Machine Day and National Kitchen Klutzes of America (we all know one, I had a friend who knew a guy who burned kool-aid).
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  • KAREN608
    I had a problem with my grocery order the other day when I got a ride to the store. I got home and one bag was not loaded back into my cart. I got distracted as I typed in $60 cash back, and the girl laid out two twenties and a ten. So had to say I needed another ten. She was a 16-20 yr old that I never saw before. Anyway I got home and fired an email to HyVee about it, and the store manager called me, and brought my things to me on his way home. So that is a GOOD story of a manager on top of his job.
    1740 days ago
  • CICI510
    I agree with Fran! It is a dying art. Most people don't care at all anymore. It's horrible and that's why at my job I try to go above and beyond but a lot of my customers are mean to me probably because they are used to being treated bad! It's sad. :(
    1740 days ago
    I think customer service ended when people forgot to teach there kids the golden rule....treat others as we want to be is a simple rule but goes a long way in customer service....

    Today has to be better....

    1740 days ago
    We have some of those mcdonalds around here too. I know which ones to go too, and what plus's and minus each have for example.

    1) Takes forever to get your food
    2) Doesn't have a bathroom in play place
    3) Customer service not so great
    4) Accuracy not so good either whether busy or slow
    5) Bonus when accuracy is off it's usually extra food
    6) They don't like switching out toys
    7) Bigger more fun playplace

    The other:
    1) Mess up your order when they are slow
    2) Gets it right every time when they are busy
    3) Bathroom in the playplace, although playplace is smaller
    4) Don't mind switching out the toys
    5) Really awesome customer service

    Needless to say, workers only have to do as much as schools make the kids do school work in junior high and highschool. Believe me I have a teenager who could get everything wrong on person and 98% chance she still gets full credit even if it was turned in on the last day of the marking period. People are suppose to have good customer service, but these days it's just too much too ask. But I bet when they go somewhere's they expect people to be nice to them. And some just face rotten attitudes day in and day out and probably just don't want to get stuck doing something else for somebody yet again. I know as well, I used to work in grocery. Someone could be standing next to something, ask you where it is, you say right there and they'll say would you get it for me. And if you didn't would be all mad about it. And at the register way worse. It is just plain horrible. Hopefully it was just off days for them too, and it wasn't they're overall attitude.

    *HUGS* Things always get better one way or another.
    1740 days ago
    I feel the same way about the gender toys. My daughter likes the "boy" stuff and always has. I think it's wrong to cater to one gender like that. Also, almost all little boys like to play with dolls and feed them and stuff because that is what they are used to. They have just come from drinking on bottles themselves and playing with them. Kids should be able to play with what they want. It is sad though that there are so many mean kids out there that will bully them for that.

    And I hate that they were so rude about the toys too. Our Mcdonald's is really nice about that and will tell you what the toys are as they should. Sorry you had such a rough day. Hopefully, things will go more smoothly for you tomorrow.
    1740 days ago
    I think customer service and manners are dying art.
    1741 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    It does seem some places are having the employees take an easy way of working--not a good move. However some of the managers are almost asd young as the employees. You know there are people looking for jobs every day, many would still give great service if they had the chance.
    Glad your patio garden veggie garden is progressing nicely for you.
    Hope you enjoyed some of the sunshine today, and a nice walk.
    1741 days ago
    I have blogged about customer service and how it has gone down hill in the past few decades.

    One of my favorite things with McDonalds was when I asked for a cheeseburger meal but please hold the cheese off the burgers. The guy stood there dumbfounded like how do you take the cheese off a cheese burger. the guy next to him was also stumped. My nine yo at the time, looked at the guys while I stood there in shock and said a cheeseburger minus cheese if a hamburger. they shook their heads, can't be. finally they called the manager over and they repeated my order to her and she was like, the lady wants two hamburgers instead of two cheeseburgers and shook her head.

    Wendy's is the worst of them to me. really poor service.

    I learned one thing every time we move, make friends with the guy in the meat market and store managers if you can and know you will be a regular customer. I am able to call ahead and ask for special cuts and if they have to order it for me, they make sure they put it on their sheets. When in the store, I get those special order sheets showing their signature and time I will pick it up

    One day all these rude customer service folks will be on the other side of people looking for a better job. Sometime we remember and can remind them of how they treated you at the store.
    1741 days ago
    I agree, customer service has gone out the window and corporate doesn't care.
    1741 days ago
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