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June's Jolly Ouch Moment & Awesome Tidbits

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Howdy friends!

How is your Thursday? Today is actually my Friday! Woohoo! My hubby and I are taking Friday and Monday off from work and having a 4 day weekend to spend together just relaxing. Yay!

Well, my self acceptance journey is still going strong and I am still working very hard at it.

At the end of May, I noticed a huge colored red sore patch on my right shoulder and I just thought it was from my new bra. Well, it kept getting darker and then I started to break out in tiny little rashy dots on my torso, back, chest and underarms. It is not itchy at all either which is weird. Now, this was startling for me since I have always had good skin on my face always was the one with the pimple problems. Well, anywho, I went to the doc and he said that I have Pitysiaris Rosea which many women and men get and is NOT contagious. The doc said there is no reason or cause for this rash, he thinks it may be something viral. But, whoever is diagnosed with it has to wait it out 6-8 weeks or even longer for it to go away! Yikes! Well, unfortunately for me, I started freaking out about being in my sister's wedding in a couple months and knowing that you would be able to see my "dots" when I wear the gorgeous dress. Well, I decided to take action and google what other people have been doing to "cure" their rosea. Everyone mentioned moisturize morning and night and TAN TAN TAN!
Well, I know that tanning is extremly bad for you but EVERYONE on the forums were saying how their rosea cleared up after two sessions of tanning. I even looked at Mayo Clinics website and it recommended exposing them to UV Sunlight. So, I thought I would give it a shot since the dots were getting worse and worse everyday. Well, this past Monday I went into a tanning salon and had my very first tanning session. It was in one of their high powered beds and I only went in for 6 minutes. I didn't notice anything that evening, but my hubby and I were shocked to see that the dots have faded after that one tanning session. Not completely, but they did in fact fade. So yesterday, I went in for my second tanning session....well, since I only went for 6 minutes on the highest powered bed, I decided to go on the next level down but go for 7 minutes since I reacted well to my first tanning session. well........ummmm......all I can say is OUCH!!!!! I feel like a lobster! I look like one too! Now I went in the tanning booth in just my undies so my most non exposed skin got burnt pretty stomach, upper thighs, and back are all super red and stiff. I think my nipples may even be a bit burnt....haha, not sure though. Yikes! Oh well, I guess I learned my lesson.

Well, this morning, despite looking red as a lobster, it looked like my dots have mostly disappeared!! Haleighlujah! The forums were not joking when they said tanning would help. Now I just have to wait for my sunburn to go away and really see the the meantime....OUCH!!!!! ALOE ALOE ALOE! I am in love with Aloe Vera today and for the next week or so. Haha.

Anywho.....enough of my whining about my dots and time for some awesome tidbits!

My hubby set up a sparkpeople account!!!! WOOHOO! He also downloaded to Sparkpeople App on his iphone to track his calorie intake and fitness and such. I'm so proud of him. This week we have REALLY kicked it into high gear and are doing absolutely great with our eating portions!!! We have also kept up with running and our strength training! So happy!

It's probably going to take a while for my stomach to shrink, but cutting back on the calories is definitely making my stomach want to eat itself. I'm not used to eating so little. I sit right next to a candy drawer at work and all day today I wanted to sneak a piece....but I looked at how many calories were in the ONE TINY piece of candy, I decided it wasn't worth it. My calories could go for something more nutricious and beneficial. That food tracker is definitely worth it. My hubby and I cannot believe how FAST it is to get to our daily caloric goal. If we didn't have the tracker, we would definitely be going way past our goal....we would be eating calories that we did not need and that was just packing the pounds on us.

Hopefully with tracking our food in addition to us exercising, we can finally see some weight shed off of us instead of maintaining our weight. We didn't know why we weren't losing weight because we were definitely exercising. We just ATE TOO MUCH!!!

But, my stomach will get used to this eating less thing right..? I almost sang the haleighlujah chorus at work today when it was finally lunch time. Yeah, that would have been weird.

But anywho, Have a wonderful day and ouch my nipples!

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JAMIELOGICAL 6/14/2013 11:22AM

    You definitely get used to the eating less and then you wonder how you ever managed to eat so much that you actually GAINED weight. When I switched to my 5:2 Diet, I actually struggled to eat ENOUGH on my non-fast days because I had already become used to the calorie restrictions before I switched. I had been trying to eat 1400-1700 calories a day before I switched to 5:2 and then after I switched, I needed to eat 1800-2200 calories on my non-fast days and it was actually hard to come up with all those extra calories at first. Ultimately I just settled on protein shakes in addition to my "normal" lunches on my non-fast days.

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KIMPY225 6/14/2013 11:05AM

    Sorry to hear about the rash! I am glad you have some time off though! Yay for the hubby creating an acct! Sorry to hear about the tanning! Feel better fast!

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