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I need a KICK up my ***

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sometimes we all need it. A bit of motivation that isn't coming from our own selves. But someone else is dishing it out to you...

I'm in one of those moods right now.

I haven't been on my stationary bike in almost 2 weeks since reaching goal. Says a lot, I know. It's sitting across from me now, shaking it's head if it had one, thinking: You only used me to reach your goal - what about lifelong commitment?

I don't know what to do really, I'm pretty active most days - walking a lot more nowadays - already did 700kcals worth of that (And plenty unlogged as well) this week shopping and running errands.

I've started doing sit ups, push ups, jackknives etc but not as vigorously as I was on my bike.

I'm still testing new waters here I guess - checking what's allowable and what I can get away with.

Last Monday I was in panick mode - never weigh myself on Mondays anyway, thought I may try seeing as I'd reached goal already to see if I was doing ok - the water retention had me think I was gaining, but I wasn't.

I've noticed my food choices haven't changed, but occasionally I am creeping in more junk food - i.e. pizza slice - curry takeaway

and also noticing my portion sizes are getting about 10% bigger this week. Without doing any extra exercise except for the strength and walking I'm feeling quite alarmed, but not enough to do something about it - I really need a kick from someone - anyone to get me on track.

But I guess the one kick in the teeth will be on Saturday (my normal weigh in day) if I gain this week, and I have no one else to blame except myself. If I don't gain, I know I've been doing it right and have to stay within these boundaries and limits - plus It'll give me an idea of how many calories to burn per week.

This week it was 700 so that's like 100kcals per day - so the occasional going over the 1700 BMR rate is being compensated here. I wonder if that's all there is to it, or if I'm missing a trick?

Clothing wise i'm feeling pretty confident and relaxed as my new size 12 jeans are now falling off despite my weight being the same (I think..) as last week.

If I weigh the same as last week on Saturday, that'll be a new milestone for me - 2 weeks maintenance.

I'm so cautious about the topic of maintenance because I've been told that maintenance is harder than losing weight - I never understood the concept of why it would be harder - I mean you get to eat more and stay the same - so then what's hard about that?

But I'm kind of getting the idea - if you're eating more, you may sometimes go over and if you do, and you're not exercising vigorously, you can gain weight.

Doesn't make sense in theory that maintenance is harder, but in practice it has a lot to do with psychology - we DO become complacent.

There's no more "goals" no direction - the aim of the game is to stay the same - but still put in all the effort of as if you are losing weight. You don't get the thrill of seeing the scale change to the negative either, so it's like...those people who really cherish where they've gotten to will try to make that their focus and see their new self as their constant reward.

*I know I look in the mirror and thank heavens that the bulges on my back are gone

*that my jeans are 2 sizes smaller,

*that clothes that were tight are now super loose,

*that my face is so streamlined,

*that my cheekbones are accentuated

*that make up looks so much more dazzling with a slimmer face

*that intimacy is like never before

*that choosing clothes is a pleasure

*that feelings of tiredness and lethargy are gone

*that I've got the waist I've always wanted, without losing the hourglass shape

*that my other half perceives me as "lady-like, beautiful and elegant" (his words)

I mean... it's like everything in life - when you don't have it, it's something you pursue - once you have it, most people don't value it - because they want something else or something better than it - the grass is always greener on the other side, type of thing.

I have noticed though, that with my tastes changing - I've totally lost those feelings of craving sweet things.

Here's what it was like before:

Me: *Bored* *frustrated* *stressed* - I know, I crave chocolate - that's the highlight of my day.

And now: *See something sweet/chocolates/desserts* Nah, what will that change? It's not like it's going to change anything, it's not a highlight at all.

The day before yesterday I even tried out eating a mini cake bar to see if it was going to be like a "highlight of the day" - I was underwhelmed. I was like: So what? What a waste of calories.

I'm already so happy - I'm dealing with stress in different ways - my responses have changed naturally - and I now know these things are not highlights - heck they even taste different now.

My highlight now is having a nice, healthy meal - it gets me going to explore different tastes and that wonderful feeling you get when you eat healthy things is not comparable to the junk - because that has an aftermath of heartburn, sluggishness and headaches.

When I add up my calories and see I've still got plenty left for the rest of the day - that's my highlight - I get happy knowing I'm WELL within range - that's my highlight for the day.

And I love tracking calories, in general so I know I'll be fine doing it indefinitely.

I'm fine with food, with tracking, with keeping inside limits and even haven't "obsessively craved" desserts since reaching goal, but I do have an unresolved issue with exercise, which I will have to address, or face the consequences.

What motivates you to get off your backside and exercise since you've reached goal?
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    OW! But, thanks! Yup, I got a brand spanking new kettlebell today - I'm all fired up!
    1740 days ago
    KICK! emoticon

    That's my version of a virtual kick in the a**. Try this: What motivated you in the beginning? Also try and remember that maintaining is a learning experience.
    You can do it!
    1741 days ago
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