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Wednesday Update

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Went to the temp agency before work Tuesday, and wasn't impressed. The odds are good, but the goods are odd. I have to go back before 10:30 tomorrow morning, "which is when they do walkins". $9 to start, 40 hours, none of the parttime nonsense I currently have to put up with. Plus none of the canceling shifts, lengthening breaks, and sending home early when business is slow I currently have to put up with. And even tho $9 is pitiful and disgusting, it's still $1.75 per hour raise over what I'm making now, plus more hours.

However learned about a different one today . . . $9 per hour to start as a temp, then after 6 months in good standing you're made permanent at $14 per hour. Am definitely going there tomorrow, as well. My one year anniversary at the piddly pay job was April, and very depressing. 6 months would go by in no time . . .

Tues night after my late shift at the piddly pay job, I went to ministorage, unloaded the car, and reloaded with empty boxes. Also found the black slacks I bought on clearance last fall at Kmart for $4.99, as my black slacks for work are falling apart. Each pair I'm currently wearing have issues and have been mended in different ways, several times. The black clearance ones I bought last fall used to not fit as they were one size too small, so I left them in storage, but they do fit now, yippee!

However, when I drove back home Tues night (during the wee hours of the morning Wed morning), Highway Patrol had the highway shutdown! At 12:30 I came upon the flares, flashing lights, and traffic slowing to a stop. I immediately turned off my car and lights to save gasoline instead of idling, and listened to KLOVE. That was wise because we were there a long time. Slowly, light after light behind me winked out. Some of the stranded motorists walked up to an officer about a mile away to ask questions, but I knew it was pointless so I didn't. My curiosity was not that strong. Probably a fatal or very bad accident that had to be documented. Eventually people got out of their vehicles and started walking around in the middle of the highway. Betcha you can't do that every day! I had glass cleaner wipes from Dollar Tree in the car, so I did some interior and then exterior cleaning. I got home at 2am. Ai yi yi I was soooo tired today . . . did not get my extremely urgent extremely important errands done before going to work at the piddly pay job. The errands are critical to moving out, which I want to do asap. So I have a TON of errands to do and crowd in on Thursday morning . . .

And Wed night at the piddly pay job, I heard of a third place, also $9, $10 if you work night shift. However right now I plan to sleep in my car at night . . . I would be unable to sleep in my car during the day if I was working nights, not only would it be too hot this summer, I would also be more conspicuous. I won't work nights and sleep days until I have a rented room I can sleep in during the day. I can always switch to night shifts later. I will continue looking for a real job, gainful employment, so in that case working nights would be ideal, leaves daytime free for interviews without calling in sick to the piddly pay job for the interview (I HATE that). So I have another new lead to follow up on. Still piddly pay and not enough for a single person with no spouse or other income. But better piddly pay & situation than what I have now . . .

I am going to check into how much the YMCA or other inexpensive workout places are, that have showers. That would be so convenient while living out of my car . . .

I want to move out so bad I can taste it, but am going to at least ATTEMPT to work on getting my car legal first. When I lived in my car before, the tag was NOT expired. You get harassed by cops enough as it is, when your car is legal and you're living in it. Part of Thur's business before going to the piddly pay job, concerns the car.
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