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Zumba in the Mile High City and skin suggestions

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Whenever possible, I try to find a local 24 Hr Fitness when I am on the road. Many times I am in Iowa and the 24 Hr Fitness is the hotel gym. This week I am in Thornton, CO, a suburb north of Denver and I have the pleasure of being within 25 minutes of SEVEN different locations, one of which was just 5 minutes down the road from my hotel. I looked online and thankfully they were having a Zumba class tonight.

The last time I was in the heart of Denver and while the Zumba class I went to was okay, I would not rush back. As I hurried in to class, I immediately noticed how diverse this class was. There were different races and ethnicities, different shapes and sizes, and most notably, different ages. There was a woman next to me who was a fit and attractive 60-something. The girl in front of her was a girl who looked to be 19. On one side of the room near me was a beautiful couple in their mid 70's. On the other end of the room was a gentleman who looked to be in his early 80s. THroughout the room was everything in between. For some, seeing the older classmates would lead them to assume the class was going to be slower, more rudimentary. For me, I looked at how energized and excited they were and immediately assumed they were "the regulars". Seeing them put a smile on my face.

As the music started, I realized our tiny, young instructor was not going to cut anyone any slack. She was bopping around like a jumping bean. My classmates kept up! It was so much fun! I am usually surrounded by 20-somethings who treat Zumba like choreography lessons for their next big gig on Broadway. They are so intense and so serious. Class turns into competitions with girls trying to one up the other with their dance moves. This class was just fun. People were smiling. There wasn't any intense looks on people's faces. Seeing the husband and wife dance together made me look forward to mine and Derrell's golden years together. I am so glad that I went to this Zumba class!

Since I am in Colorado, I must mention the horrific wild fires surrounding Denver. The largest of the fires in Black Hills has burned over 80 homes and acreages. While I am a 40 minute drive from the nearest blaze, the city has smoke in the air. These fires have been burning for 3 days. I noticed today how tight my chest and throat feel. The air smells like ash. You can no longer see the mountains in the horizon due to the haze in the sky. Please pray for Colorado.

Before I go, I am having a bit of a conundrum. As I near my 30th birthday, I notice my skin is changing, mostly on my face. I wash and moisturize my face twice daily but it seems my moisurizer is no longer doing the job. I have dry patches on my face and I am beginning to see the little brown age spots. I am certain that I need to increase my SPF now but what else can i do to revitalize my skin? Do you all have any good moisturizer suggestions that will leave my skin feeling soft and radiant and possibly even tighten it up? Thanks Sparklers!
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  • BEATRIZ269
    Glad to hear about your zumba class! I just love your positive outlook. Keep up the great work and will pray for colorado and now Canada with these floods
    1578 days ago
  • KNH771
    Fire season started early this year... I'm farther north, so the smoke hasn't really started affecting us yet. I'm sure it will though. It really does effect your breathing. A lot of extra decongestant. I don't have any advice on the skin except maybe visiting a dermatologist...
    1583 days ago
    I think it really depends on your skin type. Definitely drink a lot of water. I know you wash your face twice a day but it may be too much. Do you wash once in the morning then at night?

    I cannot use of Oil of Olay! I use Grape Seed Oil! Yup, that or Olive Oil! I prefer Grape Seed oil because it can stand hotter temperatures (even for cooking too) so it serves as my natural SPF! It also helps with dark spots around the eyes. You can Google it lol
    1585 days ago
  • GEORGE815
    I reside in Colorado. Thank you for your kind words. The fires have gotten some notoriety lately.
    1585 days ago
    Shea butter and Oil of Olay are great! Vaseline is great but I sleep on the side of my face and the Vaseline gets on my pillow.

    The Zumba class sounded perfect! I wish I could find one like that.

    1585 days ago
    I know what you mean about the zumba classes and I am glad that you were able to find a FUN class!! :) I have never had issues with dry skin (more oily) ...sorry I cannot offer any great advice on that!

    1586 days ago
    Good job on the Zumba! It sounds like a great class! As for the skin, I now use moisturizer that is for my age and "lifts." I wash with a face wash and only moisturize in the morning. My problem is breaking out around my hairline from running and wiping the sweat off, thus clogging my pores. Yes, breakouts will start again in your 40's. Now, emoticon there's something to look forward to...not!
    1586 days ago
    Hey lady! I'm glad to hear you had a good time at your zumba class in my neck of the woods as I read your blog I was like "yup that's how we roll" lol I'm 15 min from Thornton. The wildfires indeed are awful right now, please pray for my beautiful state and the firefighters who are out there trying to contain the fires:( As far as skin care goes I just turned 30 in April and I too have noticed changes in my skin I use Simple brand hydrating light moisturizer works well for me.
    1586 days ago
    Wish all classes were like the one you attended....sounds wonderful.

    I use Shea Butter on my skin. It is absorbed well and does not leave my skin shiny or greasy.
    1586 days ago
    I have a dry patch over my eyelid that will not go away! As for face washing... it's entirely possible you wash it too much. I wash my face with warm water only in the morning, and with a really mild cleanser (non-foaming) at night. I use moisturizer only in the morning before I put on my makeup, though.
    1586 days ago
    I use oil of olay. It isn't too greasy and I have no problems wearing it under make-up. The age spots on the other hand... I have had some spots making an appearance just recently and I noticed even more after Sunday yard work. I am going to start looking at home remedies since my mom has tried a lot of the over the counter creams and they never worked. i am seeing a lot of lemon juice type home remedies...
    1586 days ago
    sounds fun!! Glad you had a blast!:)
    1586 days ago
  • SUGAR0814
    Glad you enjoyed the Zumba class! emoticon As far as the dry patches, I use Oil of Olay. It's not greasy. And it doesn't make me shiny looking. emoticon
    1586 days ago
    I don't know if we have the same medicine, but I use Bepanthol. You can do a little research and try to make your own thingies from natural ingredients.

    I'm glad you are doing well!
    1586 days ago
  • DALID414
    I moisturize my 'dry patch' areas with Vaseline at night.
    1586 days ago
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