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Day 559- Saving Calories Versus Saving Money??

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

You know what?

This country and this economy wants us to be fat.

I'm serious.

I went to Subway tonight with the intention of getting a 6 inch Oven Roasted Chicken Breast sub. Well when I walked in, I realized that Chicken Breast was the $5 footlong.

Now, did I need a footlong? Absolutely not! I had a terrible day at work and ended up snacking on my boss' candy bowl way too much, so I knew, I didn't have calories to waste buying a footlong.

Because while I've been much more on track, I definitely knew that after playing some indoor soccer tonight, I felt like I was starving and would eat all 12 inches. So then I saw that there is also a meal deal, 6inch sub and a drink. But I didn't really need a drink either. Just more calories. So I just got the 6inch sub. And I went to check out...



It hurt my broke college student, thrift store, clearance shopping, coupon clipping heart to hear that 1 sandwich costs $4.75 and I could have gotten 2 subs for a quarter more.

But, in the end, I'm glad I didn't. I ate my sandwich drank my water, and I'm full for the night.

But I realized how many times "deals" have had me consume extra calories... When I'm at a fast food place and "A Combo is cheaper than the sandwich and a drink" or I'm at the movies and "A large is only a dollar more."

Well it might be a deal, but I'm unwilling to bargain with my health and my life.

You can have your extra sides, drinks and desserts (Panera...) and I will keep my change.

Because my change is good.
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    837 days ago
    My son and I love Subway. Last summer we ate Subway a lot while we were in our most successful weight loss phase. (I lost 25, he lost 48.) On the weekends (he cooks during the week) we would get a foot long and have half Saturday night and the other half Sunday night. It worked great for us. I just need to get back into that "successful" phase.
    1675 days ago
    As a Subway lover myself, let me give you a few tips, I generally buy a foot long at lunch and eat half then and half for dinner. Black forest ham has fewer calories. You can always get the drink and not drink it, or get diet w/ no calories or for a little more, buy a bottle drink and it will probably even out. Hope that helps!

    1676 days ago
    yeah, use to fall for those "deals" all the time
    1676 days ago
    Fabulous! You have such words of wisdom.
    1678 days ago
    Good for you, I know sometimes I fall for those deals too and do end up eating the other half that I was saving for later!!!! Thanks for the inspiration.....
    1681 days ago
    I love it! Thanks for sharing!

    I totally get it. I'm a couponing, bargain-finding girl as well.
    1682 days ago
    I am with you, some times when I want apple pie I will buy a slice that costs almost as much as the entire pie. BUT if I bought the entire pie I may eat it so by not buying I really had a savings!
    1682 days ago
    Yeah. I give a lot of one ounce bags of Doritos to my daughter as a byproduct of ordering Meal Deals from Taco Bell. It's cheaper to get the Meal Deal and not eat the Doritos, which aren't worth the calories to me, than to order off the menu.

    Maybe some day I'll be mature enough to just pitch the Doritos instead of giving them to someone else.
    1682 days ago
    Loved this blog!! Thanks for sharing :)
    1682 days ago
    OHH woman you make me happy. I completely understand all the sentiments that went into this blog! Even at the grocery store, it's so easy to look at the chips and say well, I can portion them and only eat one at a time, then buy 2 bags of chips because they're on sale. Ugh! The country we live in makes it so easy to buy processed foods it's scary! You, my friend, are wonderful.

    1682 days ago
    So true. Good for you for making the choice that you feel good about. Saving money is great, but feeling guilty about over-eating isn't worth it. Way to go!
    1682 days ago
  • JILLRY03
    Good for you!! I have the same problem but I usually either save the other half for lunch or dinner the next day or give it to one of my kids because they eat like it's going out of style!! lol emoticon
    1682 days ago
    If theres a deal like that at subway, I get the deal. But I put 1/2 in the fridge for latter or give it to my husband or 2 year old then I know I won't eat more than I should. Prices for healthier options should be cheaper, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. Awesome job on turning down the quarter more footlong. I know that wasn't easy.
    1682 days ago
  • GABY1948
    You did great...and I agree with the money/food is disgusting!
    1682 days ago
    Great job!! You can make the choice no matter what and are stronger for it!! (But it definitely sucks)
    1683 days ago
    i have noticed this completely! and every time.. i go for that better deal at subway- and the second half is always saved for lunch the next day (when i am being good... ) the awesome thing is subway makes me sick EVERYTIME i eat it.. now only if pizza and mexican could make me sick for 2 days after eating it LOL

    1683 days ago
    Well done!
    1683 days ago
    I totally get it! It's the same in Athens (Greece emoticon ), too. "Trash" and junk food costs less than good food. They may appear as "deals" but they count on your addiction to eat, so they go for quantity instead of quality.

    emoticon for choosing wisely!
    1683 days ago
    Very true. I cringe when I spend money and don't go for a deal. I just got home from the grocers and spent more than I used to because I picked up healthier items. Oh well, it's cheaper to spend my money on good food rather than a hospital bill later.
    1683 days ago
    Yes, so true!
    1683 days ago
    great blog thanks for sharing
    1683 days ago
    Woo Hoo! Awesome blog ;)
    1683 days ago
    so true!! Also not that easy at the supermarket, but at least it is possible to economize in other areas and "splurge" on healthier foods!!! emoticon
    1683 days ago
    I so agree with you! It sucks! But great job on sticking to your guns and only getting what you need! You can think of it as saving a quarter. :)
    1683 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    It is Sad to say this is What Resturents, Fast Food Places, and places to eat does and sells to the public. High Fat Foods Etc. You done very Well. This is the WTG!!! God Blessings to You and Everyone. Have a Super Nice Day. I haven't eaten out in years. Their prices are to High and the way the food is prepared etc. Makes me stay clear of them. Take Care. Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1683 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/12/2013 10:38:48 PM
  • LILLY_78
    Yup! It's sad but true. It's so much easier and convenient to buy something unhealthy for a few dollars than anything healthy. Today I rode along with a friend to go to Hardee's and saw where they had a $5 bag deal where you get your choice of two sandwiches, fries, a pop and an apple pie. It's an amazing deal for what you get for $5 for a quick and easy lunch but you're going to pay for it calorie wise. I just came up with one combination on their website that was almost 2,000 calories! People want the most for their money or they want to think they're getting a good deal. Instead of your six inch only being $2.50 since it was half you're better off getting the bigger sandwich. It's the American way unfortunately....Save money and go big.
    1683 days ago
  • JORDAN1019
    bum deal! The last time I chose the footong because it just didn't seem right, but had them cut it in half to eat the other one for lunch the next day.
    1683 days ago
    Good for you!
    1683 days ago
    1683 days ago
    I had Subway tonight as well, but had a foot long Black Forest Ham, as I'd only eaten 2 meals so far for the day, and luckily was within limits to even add some Sun Chips. What I really wanted was Pizza Hut, I was craving it terribly... They are having the large pizza for $5.55 deal going on, and I only wanted a personal pan... It would have been $5.50 for a personal pan!!! I felt stupid... Those freaking deals. So I got my $5 foot long at Subway and that at least calmed my craving enough. I so know what you mean, as I was JUST telling my husband America wants us all to be fat! Ugh. Totally sucked. But my sub was good :) Proud of you for saying no to calories you could not spare!
    1683 days ago
    OMG...this is so true...I've said for years that it is too expensive to be healthy. I went to the store tonight and I got a bag of grapes, bag of lettuce, some raspberries, a Lean Cuisine Salad Creations and my son got a movie theatre box of candy. That all came to $18.00 I even had a coupon for the LC. But it's so worth it. :) Congrats on spending your money on your health!
    1683 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1683 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    Well said!
    1683 days ago
    emoticon You said it! It is SO true! Congrats on choosing your health over your money! You won't regret it!!!
    1683 days ago
    It's such a sick cycle if you consider that a lot of America is vastly obese, but manufacturers and fast food/restaurants make it too expensive for a lot of people to eat healthy! And the super sizing thing is way out of control.
    1683 days ago
    Love this!! So true. You should see the criticisms of the food manufacturers about keeping us addicted to salt, sugar and fat! (Seriously, Google it. There's a recent book out called Salt, Sugar, Fat that talks about it. Haven't read it yet though!)
    1683 days ago
    Good for you! The only thing I would have done (which is what I do with Subway) I save the other half for another meal another day. But it is sad that we supersize everything these days. No wonder people are heavy. I can't go to McDonalds and have a side of steamed broccoli or green beans (but I can have fries with that)
    1683 days ago
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