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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

So... back in March I talked about getting my bike fixed. I did that in early May. It took until today for me to actually pull the damn thing out and ride it... and I totally forgot how completely unforgiving it is on my ass. *whine* I've also forgotten the early leg burn when one hasn't been riding on the regular. *sigh*

Anyway... since my last entry, my roommate has moved out, and I'm now by myself. It's depressing as all hell, being alone.

I've also had two overnights at work, which has thrown off my sleep schedule. Not to mention the next three weeks at work are going to be stressful as all get out, since the boss is going on vacation and leaving me in charge.

That said... I didn't get to bed until six this morning, and I woke up at 1:30 this afternoon. My first activity was to take my bike out, but... dear lord, it was way too hot. Okay, that's fine, I'll wait until it's cooler out. But.. waiting was bad. I lost all motivation to even move. Even when I got legitimately hungry I couldn't get myself to get up and move. I had to shame talk myself into changing into my workout clothes! At first I texted my former roomie to see if she wanted to go for walkies. She said no, because the humidity was too high and she was in the middle of a project. Going for walkies with her is far more motivating than going anywhere by myself, so here I sat yelling at myself for not getting up and getting going.
"C'mon, just around the block. Just up and down the road, nothing major. Just get off your ass! Anything's better than just sitting here." So I put on my sneakers and went down to my bike.

Oh lord, my janky ol' bike... I bought a water bottle holder for it, but it doesn't fit, and I accidentally stripped a screw... right now it's tied down with a long strip of bias tape. *lol* I'm going to just get a basket for my keys and stuff. Oy. Anyway... as I was getting ready to kick off, Em (former roomie) texted and asked if I was available as a second set of eyes. She'd lost something and needed my assistance. Also, we hadn't seen eachother in almost 3 weeks and she wanted to catch up. She moved into a teeny cottage-like house around the corner, so I got on my bike and rode to her place.

It's true that you never forget how to ride a bike, but that doesn't mean those first few minutes aren't dicey as hell. *lol*

The ride to her house is far harder than the ride back; the terrain doesn't change that drastically, but it's enough of a grade to leave you panting your face off when you get there and almost enough to coast all the way home.

Also, I need a headlight and some flashers.

Anyway, I ended up making the trip twice because the thing she lost was a skeleton key to a cabinet containing all her books. I went back to the apartment for my collection of keys in hopes one would fit and work. ONe fit, but it didn't work. Turns out the key had been hidden under a sofa cushion. Long story there.

So... I blathered on about all that to say that I got off my ass today. It took some serious stern talking, but I did it. And once I got moving, I actually got the motivation to go get milk, olive oil, socks, and a new bathroom scale. *lol* I also window shopped for a new shower head, kitchen knives, and other goodies.

Oh yeah, remember a few entries ago where I was all kinds of excited because I got a raise and that meant I could afford better groceries? Well, since the roomie moved out I'm back to where I was. I'm paying ALL the bills around here now, and it equals out to how much of a raise my promotion got me. *sigh* Why can't I win? *lol*

On the plus side, it's only 6 months until Jonathan graduates college and hopefully will be making his way here. :D He did say if things get tight he'll transfer classes and find work up here so he can move in early and help out. He's such a keeper. ^_^

And that's that. Tomorrow, if it doesn't storm, (and my butt isn't hurting) I'll take the bike out again. Thursday I have a walkies date, and I'll sneak in some riding in the mornings before work over the weekend. :)
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    Woo! Good work getting outside! I hate exercising in humidity. Double-awesome for going anyway!

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    1741 days ago
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