If I can do it, anyone can

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I am not an exerciser. I have lots of reasons why I don’t exercise (bad knee, rheumatoid arthritis, allergic to my own perspiration, exercised-induced asthma…need I go on?). Today I was surfing around the SP site and decided to just “look at” a work out video. For a while, my computer had been in a funk of unknown origin and I wasn’t able to access SP videos. I think I really just wanted to see if the video would play (and fully expected it to not play due to the computer funk). To my surprise, the computer video-playing problem is gone. And, as soon as I clicked on the video (upper body work out done while sitting) I thought, “Hmmm…..this might be something I CAN do…oh, what the heck, if it is too much…I’ll just stop.” Well, I could do it, I did do it, and I WILL do it again. I will also now try other SP work out videos. I know there are many fellow sparkers who are fabulous exercisers, walkers, runners, etc. I commend all of you for your accomplishments. In the past, when I weighed much less, I belonged to a gym for about 6 months (till the gym went out of business). I was pretty faithful about going and did OK, but I never felt the exhilaration that some folks talk about after they exercise. I don’t think I would say that today I felt exhilaration after my 9-minute seated work out, but then again, maybe I did…because here I am blogging about it…Gosh, another milestone, my first SP blog too.
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