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I Reached A Goal

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

When I started on Spark People I worn a size 20 jeans. Now in less than 2 years I am in size 8 emoticon I have never worn a size this small in my adult life. When I was growing up I was kind of skinny and then when I hit the teens I got big thighs and thought I was fat. I wore an A cup bra size but was 36 inches around. At the age of 18 I got married to a guy who when we ate a meal if I did not finish my meal fast enough he would eat from my plate. I learned to eat fast if I was going to get full. As we all know if you eat fast you don't know right away when you are full and you eat more.

When I was 19 I had my first son. I put on weight with the baby but the doctor did not say any thing until after the baby was born. He put me on a 500 calorie diet that of course I could not stay on. I was wearing size 14 and with the birth of two more children I just kept gaining until I wore size 20. My mother who wore a size 12 said I was fat and would always be. Lot of help she was.

When I started on Spark People my goal was to wear single digit size jeans. I started exercising and counting my calories. After about 9 months of eating right and having days that I did not eat but binged, I lost 20 pounds and was in to a size 12. I was having trouble taking off anymore weight so I joined Weight Watchers. I like the program because I can eat all the fruit and vegetables I want.

The Farmer's Markets are open this time of year and all my extra money goes toward buying things like fresh made salsa, celery, cabbage, peaches. and strawberries to name a few of the things I munch on. I eat when ever I am hungry starting out with a fruit or vegetable and than move on to protein and grains. I add a little diet margarine to my bread. I grill most of my food on the GF grill, love my chicken and fish cooked that way. I love french fries and buy the frozen kind and fry them in a dry pan on the stove. I do now and than have a little fast food or candy, no foods are "bad foods".

As of today I have lost 33.6 pounds in about two years. I plan on losing about 25 more and want to wear a size 6 jeans. With all the support I get from my Spark Team team mates and my Spark Friends I know I can do this.
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