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Following the trend and posting new goals for summer.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Okay, since the title summed it up I'm going to go straight into the new goals.

1) Finish cosplays before my birthday (July 16). The cosplays are of Kaito from Robotics; Notes and Bluezam from Beet the Vandal Buster.

2) Finish the 40 lessons of beginner Japanese from the library.

3) Be able to jog a 5k by my birthday. Have not figured out a time yet, but I want to be able to do it.

4) Obtain SOME muscle by the time Otakon rolls around (Beginning of August).

5) Lose 5 pounds by August. This is a particularly difficult one since I have not lost weight in about two years. It's just so easy to take a taste here and there, especially when you are working with fried foods and getting free sodas (not that I drink much of said sodas).

6) Work on finishing more of what I start.

My biggest concerns right now is working on cosplays. I have the means and time to do it. I even have the stuff to start the work on it, but I feel as though I don't know what I am doing and that I would mess up when I make it. And I really want to do a good job on it.

Jogging a 5k is important to me. It's a challenge, and something I want to be able to do. Very few people I know can do it, but I want to be able to do it. Even if it is a slow 5k, I want to jog it in its entirety.

Japanese. I want to learn it because of anime and manga, but it's more of something I want to do. It's not very high on my to-do list.

I made a promise to myself. IF I gain enough muscle for it to be obvious, I will add a third cosplay to this years repertoire as Date Eiji from Hajime no Ippo (Fighting Spirit, a boxing manga). It's one of those cosplays you always wish you could pull off, but that you should have the right physique to do so.

I have not lost weight in two years. My weight has been fluctuating from 235 to 228 in the 2 years, but never really beyond there. My current goal is 215. And honestly, I would be happy to stay just below that line. 215 is the point in which I am no longer considered obese. Also, I need to lose weight since I am planning in becoming a dietitian and what better way to help others that by being a good, no, a GREAT role model?
I'm worried about going away for school since this will be the first time I will be living on my own with little to no financial backing from my parents, and I will be going into debt with student loans since I plan to finish the degree as soon as possible, possibly even getting the credit limit waived to do an extra class per semester. I plan on having a job to manage expenses such as rent and utilities, but anything strictly school-related will most likely be paid via school loans.

Finishing stuff. Okay, so I have been watching a LOT of anime lately and I've noticed a trend. I tend to start a lot of series, but not finish many. I believe I have something like thirty current shows I am working on. In my defense, I have been doing my best to finish the series I am currently working on. This weekend I finished both K and Kokoro Connect. Anyhow, I noticed that overall, I tend to plan and start things, but I don't follow through a lot. Speaking of irony, I checked out a book on following through, about how to see things from start to finish, and in three weeks I've only read a few pages. Haven't read it at all in a week and a half.

Lately, I've been getting better at managing my time outside of work. On Wednesdays, I go to the library to do my Statistics work. I don't leave until I get all my work for the week done, preferably a little more. Thursdays, I am setting aside to study my Japanese. (I've just started, still working on pronunciation) Fridays, I plan to set aside to work on cosplays. And every other Saturday is a whatever day, since I work every other Saturday. Sunday-Wednesday I work, so I don't get much done then.

EDIT: About the cosplays. Bluezam is a repeat. I did a pretty bad version of him a few years ago, but I was recognized by one person, which was (and still is) good enough for me (BVB is a not-so-well-known series). Kaito is a main character in Robotics; Notes. R;N is actually a pretty new series (Fall 2012), so it should be popular enough to be known, but new enough to not have many cosplays from it.
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