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Non Scale Victory

Monday, June 10, 2013

I admit it, I've been on the look out for non scale victories. I'm trying to stay off the scale, as I feel it's a bad habit (oh, come on, I weigh in every day, sometimes multiple times a day, but I can quit whenever I want.)

Anyway, I'm especially interested in nonscale victories since I went to the hypnotist 11 days ago.
I have lost weight since then, yes. About three pounds. But in order to meet my goal of staying off the scale, I'm trying to notice other things.

Here's just a few:
-I have more energy.
-I sleep better.
-I don't feel like a steamroller has hit me by the end of the day

I have one more, but it takes a little explanation.
I'm a research coordinator. There's never enough space for my stuff, and I keep getting stuff. I have stuff to draw labs for studies, I have stuff to put it in. One of the things I got not very long ago was a freezer for lab specimens. It only fit in one spot in the lab area. In order to get to my other lab supplies, I have to squeeze by the freezer to get to the supply cabinet. When I first got the freezer about six months ago, I had to hold onto my stomach in order to get it past the freezer, and even then it was a tight fit and kind of painful.
Today, I went to get some lab supplies and I was talking to my office partner. I put my hand on the freezer lid and boom! I was past it without having to suck my stomach in, or even thinking about it. I just fit. Didn't worry about catching my shirt on the corner of the freezer top. Didn't think about it at all.
I've lost just over 4 inches off my belly since the first of the year, but this is the first time I've really noticed.....and been able to celebrate.

Life is good.
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