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Frenzy time is about to start.....and a PR in the gym!

Monday, June 10, 2013

So life is picking up speed these days. We're in the 30 day window where we're getting ready to pack up our home and move to Virginia. The current plan is to start packing up the house on Jun 28, 29, & 30, put it all on a truck on July 1st, then we leave here about July 10 to start driving north.

Between now and then, I've got a ton to do at work, to include a trip out to Las Vegas on Jun 23d to finish up things with my current boss.

This weekend, we invited some close friends over for a Garden Party/dinner. We had a blast. SWMBO and I went a little crazy. We tried to keep things low-carb, so we had nuts & cheese, along with mozzarella & roma tomatoes drizzled with olive oil for appetizers, baked grouper with an avocado/jalapeno topping, brussel sprouts sauteed with mushrooms and zucchinis for dinner, followed by our island favorite dessert, pineapple sorbet in a frozen pineapple seed;

What we forgot about was that all our friends brought food gifts as well. One couple brought a huge homemade blueberry cake, another brought some key lime pie, and the third couple brought cheesecake....I forgot we live in the deep south!

So I said to hell with it for a penny, in for a was too good a day to worry about a few extra grams of carbs!

I didn't feel too much the worse for wear today....and maybe the carbo-loading did me good, because I had a friggin' awesome day doing heavy legs and back tonight.

Unfortunately, all the squat racks were taken (my timing sucked today...we have 3 racks and each one was occupied by a pair of 20-somethings who just started), so Stasi boy says, "Ve'll just zdart out vit beck (We'll just start out with back)"

Well I wasn't too shot in the ass about that. I had been gearing up mentally to do some heavy lifting with legs, but OK, there wasn't really a good alternative.

Surprisingly, back went very well. I normally do pullups, chinups, seated rows, pullovers, etc after legs, when I'm usually pretty well spent. Doing them first while I was fresh felt nice....I wasn't struggling and cursing....but it did occur to me that doing legs after this would come at a cost.

"Ve'll zee...don't tink aboud dem now (We'll see, don't think about them now)" counseled my ever enigmatic communist trainer.

So going into squats, I spent a lot of time building up to 265 lbs. I start out with just the bar (45 lbs) for 10 reps, then go to 95 lbs for 10, then 135 for 10....185 for 10....225 for 6....then 265...for 5 reps. It wasn't too comfortable, but I knocked out 3 sets of 5 at 265. Got a little help on reps 4 & 5 of the last 2 sets, but that's why Stasi boy is there.

Then we went to the deadlifts. We were scheduled to go up on these....325 lbs.

"Vocus on dat virst pull...get eet off the grount....tink about getting tree reps efter det (Focus on that first pull...get it off the ground....think about getting three reps after that)"

"Ent keep your butt beck! (And keep your butt back!)"

Apparently, my butt comes a little forward, moving my center of gravity too far in front of me. His cue was to think of falling backwards when pulling the bar.

I gave him the hairy eyeball, "I really, really don't want to fall backward pulling this bar off the ground....too many people know me in this gym....I have a reputation to uphold"

He assured me that in the history of the world, that no one has ever fallen backwards from pulling on a deadlift.

Yeah and Karl Marx promised a worker's paradise after the Proletarian Revolution overthrew the landed gentry!

But I got my mind tight, focused everything on that first hard pull....and imagined sitting back on my butt as I pulled those 325 lbs off the ground.

And up they came! Four times in quick succession....but #4 was a little dicey, so I set the bar back down after 4 pulls.

Second and third sets were a little rougher....and the 4th pull on the 3rd set was about as ugly a deadlift as has ever been seen in the sport, so down the bar went after that.

But I actually got a fist bump from Stasi boy afterwards!

Maybe it was the carbo loading from Sunday.....maybe it was the mental prep and cueing ("keep your butt beck!")....or maybe I'm just getting stronger a little bit at a time....either way, I'll take it!

I'm going to take Thursday & Friday off to get some stuff organized around the house, getting both cars oil changed up, brakes checked, etc, and making sure all our valuables and documents are separated to take with us and not packed away, AND also sorting through things that we'll need as soon as we show up in Virginia before the moving truck gets there. Then we've got some other friends coming over the weekend after father's day, and oodles more before July 10th.

I intend to keep working out till the day we hit the road and Sparking as much as I can in between.....they're the only 2 things that keep me grounded in between all the frenzy!

Have a great night Spark friends!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Exercise and SP - also two anchors for me!
    1712 days ago
    Moving is SUCH a challenge!

    You are sounding more than up for it!

    1713 days ago
    Awesome! Both the story about the Garden Party/dinner and the story about the workout.
    Hope you can duplicate the workout results in your next gym session.
    1714 days ago
  • BILL60
    I don't envy what you will be going through during the next 30 or so days. the best to you and your family.
    1714 days ago
    I love your trainer :)
    1714 days ago
    Congrats on the new Record!
    emoticon emoticon
    What does the deep south in the US have to do with pies and food? I am intrigued...
    Keep on exercising and enjoy your friends you might not see them for a while after moving!I know you can balance everything. You are the organization lion! Keep zen.
    1714 days ago
    Sounds like quite a plan you have there! CONGRATS on the PR too!

    Maybe Stasi has a recommendation for a trainer where you are headed?

    Keep up the great work!

    1714 days ago
    Bet you're really gonna miss your commie buddy, no?

    In honor of your move I've decided to keep de-cluttering, pretending that we're packing up and heading out! Gives me a great perspective on what to keep and what to get rid of!
    1714 days ago
    Good moves. Easy to picture your session with the communist. Hope your move here to VA goes smoothly.
    1714 days ago
  • PROT358
    Oh, I am going to miss your Stasi trainer! We just moved last year, and it was a big haul. A big case of "too much stuff"! I wish the both of you well ... I am sure the next few weeks will be pretty stressful.

    P.S. That fancy dessert in the picture looks delicious!
    1714 days ago
    That is awesome!!

    I also love that you said screw it and indulged... Life is too short not to have dessert on occasions! LOL.. and although this stuff we do for health is important.. balance is important too.. so good on you!


    I will so miss your Stasi stories when you move.. .

    1714 days ago
    There is something to be said about carb loading- it's produced amazing legs for me for my races!
    1714 days ago
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