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Things that Make No Sense

Monday, June 10, 2013

1. Eating a burger wrapped in lettuce and then gorging on cookies, cake, AND cookie- cake.

Because one carby-fatty dessert isn’t enough for a family of five. Probably should have just opted for the hamburger bun I declined to eat earlier.

2. Last Tuesday’s Ruling on Nutrition Labels on Alcohol:


Actually, I am all for nutrition labels on alcohol. I think I mentioned on Memorial Day that I had been pleasantly surprised when I had noticed labels on RedBridge sorghum beer and Michelob Ultra Light Cider ( wp.me/p1N36Q-9a ), helping me determine where these beverages fit into my daily calorie/carb count. So I was very excited when I read the headline of the article “Government Ruling Allows Nutrition Labels on Alcohol.”

Except there’s a key word here that makes this ruling pretty much meaningless – it’s “allows,” not “requires.” Were RedBridge and Michelob breaking some kind of secret law by labeling their beers before last week? It’s ok. I’m not going to tell on them.

Here’s another thing that bothers me about alcohol labels – specifically wine labels. They all say “contains sulfites.” A while ago, I thought I read something that lead me to believe I should choose sulfite-free wine. Well, searching for sulfite-free wine is like trying to find a needle in a pile of needles. Except it’s worse because it doesn’t actually exist. Sulfites naturally occur in wine, and apparently it’s no big deal ( www.marksdailyapple.com/
). Organic wine does not contain added sulfites like other wines do, but there aren’t many options for organic wine (and you do pay a premium for those that are).

So. Why are wines required to display the phrase “Contains Sulfites” – a harmless by-product of fermentation – on their labels, but GMO isn’t? wp.me/p1N36Q-aa

In other alcohol news, I did manage to avoid drinking at yesterday’s barbecue in the hopes it would help me stay focused and vigilant in NOT eating wheat. It didn’t work.

3. Cicadas. Why only every 17 years?

I was in high school during the last cicada season, but I don’t remember it. I am so deathly afraid of bugs that I must have blocked it out.

Alright, time to get a new streak going:

No More Nonsense.
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