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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Friday was an active day, so active that I opted to go to bed early rather than consuming all my calories I had to use. The title of my blog was a message I got from fitbit. Biked to and from work, walked the dogs 28 minutes, ran 3 miles. Then used my brand new mower cuz I was so excited lol Never had a brand new mower before. Scott and I were going back and forth with our wants in a mower for 2 weeks after ours died. He wanted a power mower to mow fast. I wanted a Push that was light that I could use, since I do the mowing for exercise. Seems like u can spend a lot of money on a fancy shmancy power mower. Or you can spend $300 on a nice push mower with a honda motor that has good reviews. Our UPS driver is amazing, she's like 110 lbs of "I can move anything!" I forewarned her about the mower 2 days ahead and she goes "Don't worry I can lift up to 150 lbs! No problem!". Sure enough it was on our porch when I got back from work, all 105 lbs of it. I used to move boxes for my last job and I could not move a 80 lb box by myself up stairs. Even with a hand truck i donno how she got that on the porch.

I opted out of too many dance classes this week and ran more. My weight has been ok with it for once. I had a few interviews earlier in the week. I hope I hear back from 1, I even tried sending thank you cards. Worth a shot, I really really really really really would like this job. I am gonna be wearing my hamsa til further notice for protect! Next week onward and upward.

Back to my photos that I have been slacking on posting yet again.

Day 129: Tortilla Melt and Arugala Potato soup. Too bad the Tortilla Melt didn't look as good as it tasted. It was filled with cream cheese, pesto, sauted mushroom and onions, tomatoes and Mozzarella.

Day 130: Banana cupcakes with coffee cream cheese icing for Scott's work. The first baked goods I made from my book. Yay for 4 very ripe bananas!

Day 131:Day 131: On our hunt for Angels. Wilhelmina, Luisa, Mattie and Jennie. I found the most information on Jennie Rice. She was related to Sarah Withers who donated land for Withers Library which is long gone. Her parent brought their southern views with them.

Day 132: Ralph the magician got into the turtle enclosure yet again to eat their food. Somehow got in after I stuck wood and bricks on top.

Day 133: Savory cheese and bread bake with rainbow chard. Another recipe from my book. Finally an easy one!

Day 134: We went and visited My FIL's dog Daisy, she got so big! She was in a dog show recently and will be in another this fall.

me sitting with her.

Day 136: a nice relaxing Sunday morning listening to a whole Harry Chapin record with Scott.
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