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BLC 22 Goals- Golden Phoenix Team

Sunday, June 09, 2013

It's good to have goals- Really I know that in my brain and in my being. I'm a big goal setter- at work! And at work I'm good at checking in on my progress (and the progress of the organization). At home and in my personal life? Not so much. I set goals- then loose sight of them and then set goals again (usually the same goals!)

I understand the concept of measurable and attainable goals- goals that are tangible. Today I'm setting goals for the Biggest Loser Challenge 22 (BLC 22). This challenge lasts from June 5th (just one week away) until August 28. Here's what I hope to accomplish in twelve weeks:

Weight: Lose 24 pounds. I expect to weigh 198 pounds on 6/5. So my goal for 8/28 is 174 pounds. If I do this the section of my closet that has size 12 clothes will be available to me again and will fit comfortably! I might even by myself a new suit for work emoticon

Fitness: I will increase my cardio endurance and speed each week so that I can walk my normal route (3.7 miles) in less than 60 minutes. 55 minutes would be good- that's 4.0 miles an hour and quite honestly at 5 feet tall my short legs can't do much better than that! On the elliptical I will build up to doing the fat burner program at level 3 for 60 minutes. Right now I can do it at level 1 for 45 minutes. If I'm able to build up to running I will register for a 5K! emoticon

Food: I will stay in my calorie, fat, carbs, fiber, and protein range everyday and track everyday. I know I can't deviate from tracking and measuring food. I know this from years of experience. When I think I have it under control I get out of control! emoticon

Attitude: I need to set a goal to maintain a positive attitude by motivating others and myself. I can do this, we can do this. I am not alone in this journey. Another goal I have is to keep up with all that's required of this team! OMG

WFFA: Weight, Fitness, Food, and Attitude- those are my goals.

The picture is from my daughter's wedding in October. I weighed about 190 then. I was 170 when I bought the dress at the end of May 2012- then proceeded to engage in stress eating all summer and into the fall- gained 20 pounds. Continued to eat and not exercise until I was up to 218 (again). Started over on April 1st.

I'm down to 201 today- but I think this picture still says it all: What was I thinking?

By the way- here's a picture of me from October 2006 at 125 pounds!

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