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Be S.M.A.R.T. (thanks BLC)

Sunday, June 09, 2013

My blog-vents have been overwhelmingly negative lately. So with Sunday morning acoustic music playing I'm making the conscious effort to put myself in a more positive - or at least productive - head space.

I'd been looking forward to BLC for a while now because I need to change up my routines, approaches, etc... to continue this journey of health and happiness. The goals and rewards alongside my page are a result of those throughout the first few months. As I learned and developed more goals, I added to that side screen. I haven't added to that screen in a long time and so I hope BLC can re-focus what I'm doing here. That being said, BLC addresses the idea of S.M.A.R.T. goals - though I feel obligated to express my disdain for that phrase solely as a result of work. We're asked to identify S.M.A.R.T. goals though we are told to make them overly simplistic, narrow, and PowerPoint presentable, which feels counter intuitive to the intent behind the goals, as well as the public education system, in the first place.

No matter.

S: I will increase my protein consumption to a total of 90-100g
M: I will log every morsel on my nutrition tracker to monitor protein.
A: I will research foods and recipes to make this increase a healthy & tasty one.
R: Protein aids in endurance energy. This should aid in my low energy levels.
T: By the conclusion of BLC I will be able to consume between 90-100 g of protein consistently.

S: I will improve over all core toning (ABs, back, hips, shoulders).
M: I will begin a series of movements that I will complete on Mondays to measure this goal - planks, crunches, push-ups, etc - using time and reps as my gauge.
A: Even when I don't want to, or feel like I'm failing, I will continue to develop these muscles using my BLC team's resources, SP resources, and my gym's resources (pool, maybe try a class or two).
R: I have a significant slope to my back and a lot of pain in my upper back, which is partially because I use my back to compensate for what my abdominals aren't doing.
T: By the end of BLC I'd like to have my back pains lessened and my initial crunches number double, if not triple, not to mention the push-up number.

S: Reach 150 lbs. - my starting goal weight
M: Losing an average of 1.6 lbs. per week will bring me there in time.
A: Following the guideline provided by SP and being honest with myself.
R: Even at 150 I will still have an overweight BMI, but it will bring me 75 pounds closer to not being in the overweight BMI. I'm also tired of being the, well, big, tired, "pretty face".
T: 1.6 x 12 = 20, which is exactly what I'm aiming for. So I look forward to the final weigh-in.

I have a few other goals in mind but I'm not sure they can fulfill the SMART structure. As always I want to find a healthier perspective on balance in my life, which is one of my constant blog reflection topics. I know that I want to use exercise in that attainment because it's relaxing even when it isn't and improves my well-being. At the same time I need to be OK with not using exercise to do this as well, which is where I am a bit lost at the moment. I'll think about this one for now and just begin a "trial SMART" goal:

S: To develop balance in perspective and reactions in my day-to-day life
M: Logging my energy and stress levels at the end of the day on SP.
R: I'm driving myself (and others) crazy otherwise.

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