I actually got sick...

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Man.. I felt like I was invincible! I was on the longest streak, in a long time, of not getting sick (especially with having a kid). Before, when my diet wasn't so great, I felt like I was getting sick left and right. I almost obsessively wash my hands but still I would get sick.

With my new diet and exercise (going on for 3 or 4 months now) I hadn't gotten sick at all, until a couple of days ago.

It started with my son having a runny nose. I knew that I would need to wash my hands so much more because I was wiping his nose for him. I tried and for one reason or another, failed. It was almost bound to happen, I figure, but it still sucked.

So the sore throat, ear pain, and congestion hit me pretty good. I didn't develop a fever, thank goodness, but I did feel achy and dead tired. However, by day two, I noticed I was starting to feel better! So, while I didn't want to get sick (who does?) it lasted A LOT shorter than ANY OTHER TIME. I think this is due to my efforts in trying to keep healthy! My body was able to use the resources I've been giving it to fight it faster, or so I'd like to think.

Last night I decided to give myself even more of a boost. Water is such a challenge for me to drink while sick, I just don't want it, but I made myself drink 4 cups of alternating green tea/caramel chai tea. I also put a healthy dose of cinnamon and honey in one of the green teas. I took two tablets of vitamin C. Then, I ate two spoonfuls of honey. I added a lemon wedge to my water and made myself drink 3 glasses of that as well. I didn't eat past 9 pm and ate lightly that evening anyways. Lastly, I made sure that I got in bed in time for plenty of rest.

The result? I woke up this morning feeling well! Yay! (oh, one more thing, I use a humidifier when we get sick now. It keeps the air nice and moist. I feel like it helps. I still have it running today and highly recommend them! HOWEVER, I don't have the warm kind. I've been told they grow bacteria easier and so I didn't purchase that type. Here is a link to mine in case anyone is interested in one: http://www.target.com/p/safety

Granted, I'm still making sure to use kleenex to get the rest of the mess out of my head... and my energy isn't quite up to par, but at least I don't feel achy or sore. My throat has returned to normal and my ears don't hurt.

On the "to do" list today is light cleaning, just to get moving, super lots of water, and a little more rest. I want to get back to exercising with ZCUT 8 tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll be 100% by then.

One more thing, I wanted to ask if anyone else is like me when it comes to illness: I. Eat. Junk. I can't even lie to you guys.. I do! I don't want regular food when I'm sick. I get serious cravings for things like oreos... all manner of things bad for me. I know I should eat good things for my body because then I might get over my sickness even faster, but I haven't concurred my bad habit yet. So starting with last nights "cleanse" of sorts, I am eating a mostly liquid type diet today. I figure this will help cleanse my body and maybe help keep whatever weight I would gain from my indiscretions off of it (or at least jump start weight loss again). I started with a strawberry - almost - milkshake this morning, haha. I say almost because I didn't put ice cream in it (I don't have plain vanilla). For lunch I might have soup or something on whole wheat bread (maybe to get in fiber) and for dinner I'm having potato and leek soup! I'm going to try not to snack and if I get hungry then I'm going to try to take in more fluids to combat it. I DO NOT condone what I'm doing, per say, because I'll probably be under my recommended calories today. I just ate a lot of bad stuff for me and figure that giving my body one day of reprieve from it all won't kill me, in fact it'll probably help! (or it usually does for me)

So, that's about all I have for you guys! Some really good, healthy tips and some shady ... old habits. Ha
I hope my blog finds you all well because I know we all hate to be sick. :)
I'll try to blog if I manage to get back to ZCUT tomorrow (although I have a busy day tomorrow so I'm uncertain of this outcome).
Until later,
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