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Day 259: You are Stronger than You Think

Sunday, June 09, 2013

I found this out yesterday. I took my son to his last soccer game of the season yesterday, 2 of his sisters decided to stay home, no biggy he doesn't care much about that anymore as long as I was going. Anyways first half he did awesome, he blocked around 8 or 9 goals, which isn't too bad for an 8 year old I don't think anyways. And he loves being on defense. Then second half starts, and we find out parents need to join, well my husband had to work so it was just me with his 2 year old little sister. Who won't let me do it alone, and she can't exactly run around on the field without getting trampled on. So I figure well I will try and carry her and play at the same time, I remember when I tried it back in September when she weighed about 3 pounds less and I couldn't make it more than 10 minutes. Well guess what, I surprised myself and a fellow grandparent and other mom's and dads. I carried her on my arms the whole 25-30 minutes of the second half. I couldn't believe it. I guess I am stronger than I think. When it was all done I put her down though, she wanted to high five the kids. LOL! But I was just so amazed at my feat. Carrying kids is tough on anyone, but being able to carry them, while you are playing soccer blocking goals and taking the ball from the kids and running up and down the field, that is even harder. So I burned quite a bit of calories during that time frame. So I just need to remind myself, no flat belly, still have flab in many other places, but I am stronger, I am smaller and I can do way more than I used to. So it was loads of fun. My mom and her boyfriend came over again yesterday so he could help my husband finish the neighbors flooded basement. They managed to get the drilock on and linoleum on the floor as well. Although didn't anticipate the weight time for the glue. But while they were doing that, I played some basketball with their dog, and frisbee with their dog. It was nice running around. Plus my kids kept the dog busy, or rather she kept them busy. They were all conked out by 8pm. Which was nice, I got some peace and quiet.

Oh and, the scale is starting to go back down slowly though. So bloating and what not is starting to go away. Hoping I have a good loss come weigh in on Friday. It will make me feel a lot better that is for sure. Friday was my kindergarteners field day, my sons was this past monday. They both did awesome. Although I think she could take him in a sack race. LOL! She was definitely faster. But it was cute watching the kindergarteners during their field day. They all got to make their own tie die shirts, except my daughters class. They made apples on their shirts, and the class signed the back of them. I definitely knew where she was. I thought it was awesome, how all their shirts were individual. This week, I plan on actually doing more than last week, last week was tough. I still managed more than my planned calorie burn for the week, but I just didn't feel like myself. So hopefully if no rain, me and my 2 year old are going to go for a walk this morning. I need to clear my head, been a very stressful week. *hugs* to all my spark friends. Spark on this week, like you have never done before. Keep up the good work beautiful butterflies.

Enjoy your new beautiful week everyone.

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