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Ideas for FUN (!???!!)

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Background story:
Our family reunion is six days long and everyone comes from all over the country (upwards of 100 people all camping at my grandparents property). It is usually themed and always spectacular. My grandma is one of five children, and each family (of those children) takes a day of the reunion. Based on teh theme, the choose what they're doing that day. Ex: one year we had mystery as the theme. One family had a giant outdoor game of clue, another had a mystery-scavenger hunt that lasted all day and led to a surprise wedding. Another year we had holiday theme where one family did a giant thanksgiving feast (and pilgrams came to visit) another day was easter and we hid and painted eggs. Last reunion was olympics and we had competitions of every nature (racing rubber duckies down the creek, watermelon spitting contests, and dozens more). Etc.etc.etc.

Anyway, this year I was in charge of doing the activities and games and (basically everything except for food) for *three* days. The first and last days (which are much more low-key because people are coming and going) and our family-day. I found out today that instead of being in charge of ALL of the activities/games for THREE of the SIX days of our family reunion this summer, I have the pleasure of being in charge ALL SIX DAYS. Yes. I was "voluntold" as my cousin put it! (haha)

So, now i need you! I need activity/game ideas!!!! How will I keep so many people happy and having fun for a week?

Things already happening:
Wildlife rehabilitation center doing a presentation about raptors (with live birds)
Jam-fest with dozens of local musicians coming to play with us
Swimming pool

Thinks I'm thinking of happening:
Hosting a 5K color run
And/or have a color obsticle course (barrels and poles covered in paint)
Nature-themed scavenger hunt
A bunch of minute to win it game ideas
Kick the can
Freeze tag
Yard games (need ideas here too)
Family themed jeopoardy
Family feud!
Modge podge activities (ex: make scrap book or put photos on blocks of wood for decor)
Using items only found in nature, build something that can hold up a brick (or something like this)
Water balloon PiƱatas
Night-time ring-toss
Night-time lawn bowling w/ water bottles w/ glow sticks
Kickball croquet
Tarp toss game
Paint filled eggs on canvas (throw the eggs at canvas to 'paint')
Spray paint twister (in the middle of the yard)
Sponge ball, dodge ball
"Tolf" - golf, but with tennis balls and golf clubs. You have to swing/hit like golf.

What do you all think?? Anything you love? Hate? Suggestions?
Anything you want me to elaborate on, just ask.

Can you think of more!!??

Thanks in advance!

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  • ANY010113
    I always hated reuinons so loud so unpredictable and the big clean up afterwards, this year one was a huge flop, it has known to be the last one which is sad, it was mainly because hardly any one rsvp but showed up anyways , then asked for donations to cover cost like every year hardly anyone put anything sigh.

    But here are some ideas i do for my kids birthdays they turn out well

    If many kids go for the pinata and pin the tail on the donkey seems to be winners
    For young and old sack races are heapes of fun
    Competitions between groups with building the best house or raft out of sticks and yarn.
    Egg on spoon races.
    Hide and seek congo. Lol its a combination of hide and seek and congo, one ounts everyone hides then when found make a congo line and usually alot of noise is added lol.
    Musical chairs and disco stop are popular at my parties to. One with chairs one without, you need to sit on chair or stop dancing when music stopes.
    Could do some workshops of knitting, oragami, panting, pot planting and so forth.

    Hope it helps good luck
    1707 days ago
  • MARYBETH4884
    Why were you voluntold? I love the word!! That's happened me many times. Seemed more fair in past years! I agree with others a color run. ithe older folks are real creators how about a tall tale contest, the kids can be the judges of the best one. Water balloon fight are great fun in summer.
    1718 days ago
  • MJK0430
    I still can't get over the fact that you have to plan all 6 days!

    I'm partial to the color run but it all sounds like fun!

    1718 days ago
    What a great time!! You are so clever!!!
    1718 days ago
    I love family reunions! Couple of ideas that we've done.

    Water relay - divide into teams - one member of the team lies on the ground at one end with half of an empty liter bottle in their mouth. Save the lid! The rest of the team relays water from one side of the yard to the liter bottle. Whichever team fills the bottle first wins. The person laying flat definitely gets wet! Repeat with each person holding the bottle. Egg on spoon relay races are good too.

    We also made stepping stones. Have cement and a couple of forms. Let people make there own stepping stone. Have rocks, marbles, beads, whatever to put in the cement for decoration. Or do hand prints.

    Sounds like a grand time. Hope you have time to enjoy!!
    1719 days ago
    You've got a great list of ideas already! I can see why you got "voluntold" into this position!
    Some additional ideas:

    Name that tune
    Who's that baby? - have people submit baby pictures in advance, post pictures on a board and the person who identifies the most wins
    My Family's Got Talent -- have a talent contest: singing, dancing, stand-up comedy, etc.
    Glow in the Dark Kickball -- try flybynightspots.com and glowsticks for outlining bases
    Snowman building contest -- first team to make a "snowman" by wrapping a person completely in toilet paper wins

    If you can somehow work a FlashMob into the festivities, it'll sure to be a hit. Secretly recruit a bunch of likely candidates (think teenage girls), choreograph some simple moves, crank up the music at an unexpected moment and let 'em go!
    1719 days ago
    You have a good list, there, Em. Stuff for all ages. I love Family Feud & Minute to Win It! I really, really, really love the raptor show!! (But you knew I would)

    Sorry, I don't have any suggestions, but if I think of some, I'll let you know!
    1719 days ago
    Minute to win it type games. For example: How many elbow shaped pasta can you put on a spaghetti noodle in minute...without using your hands:)

    Relay races.

    Volley ball or badminton.

    R>Washers...we got a set at Walmart and it's really fun:)

    1719 days ago
    Can I come?! Sounds fun! I love the Color run, or a water fight but with colored water...
    1719 days ago
    The only thing I can think of is a line dance contest or a contest to be the last person standing.
    Your family reunion sounds like great fun. I will definitely use the term Voluntold.
    I love it!!!
    1719 days ago
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