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I have decided that his lordship...

Saturday, June 08, 2013 NOT my friend when it comes to trying to change my eating lifestyle. He sabotaged me AGAIN last night, knowing full well I have a goal I want to reach before I see Joanie (the diabetes doc) on July 9th. Truth is, that was a revelation to me. I've often read articles that say some spouses don't want their partners to lose weight for several reasons. I guess he's one of those partners.

Question today is, so what am I going to do about it? Saying no to going out socially is going to cause issues, but the truth is, even when I make GOOD food choices when we go out to eat, my weight STILL goes up. I miss doing those things with friends when I say no, and in some ways it FEELS like I am isolating myself. But even if we invite someone over to play cards, we gotta have beer and snacks! And the truth is I have NO self-control.

Dr. Phil got it right on the money when he said if you don't want to be tempted, don't have it in the house. It's self-defeating. This is the SAME issue I have at church during fellowship time.

So obviously I need to explore that whole self-control issue, but I truthfully don't know where to start to sort that out and deal with it... I think it's going to be a rotten day today...
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    Yep...hubby does that to me. And I always fell for it. I'd say to myself...OK..just go with it. You can adjust for it later. Well...later came and I didn't adjust for it. Now I'm trying harder to just make smarter choices. Like last Fri when he and I went to lunch. I made a conscious effort to order what was not too bad for me. Green salad instead of potato mac salad, no rice, and I only ate 1 chicken thigh. Of course I did have cake, as a treat. And this time I stuck to my self imposed guns. I logged the cake and I did adjust for it. I'm counting that as a small victory.

    Take baby steps, when going out or facing a treat...change one aspect of it. Eat only half, swap out salad for something that's less good for you, etc. Soon it will be easier to do that.

    Just keep doing your best girl friend! emoticon

    Luv Ya!
    1717 days ago
  • SOFT_VAL67
    social outings are the hardest. i have friends whose idea of being social include, or are limited to, sitting around drinking beer, after beer, after beer.
    and i had to just stop socializing with those people.
    the funny thing is though, i havent lost a pound since january, and this morning i had a gain on the scale, which is puzzling to me, as i have been working really hard.
    however, not having a certain food in the house is sometimes counterproductive, you want it more.
    self denial, and deprivement makes you crave it all the more.
    i have a partner who can and does eat anything he wants, drinks pop, eats little debbies like they are peanuts.
    never gains a pound. i couldnt change his eating habits, so i had to adjust my mind.
    i just dont want those foods....i can go to lunch with my friend, who always chooses a pizza buffet near her job and not gorge myself on pizza and cheese sticks, i stick to salad.
    we cant change the world around us, we just have to change us.
    but putting your foot down and saying to him, do not bring that food here unless you want to watch the garbage disposal eat it!!!! and your money be wasted as well.
    you just have to make your intentions clear and you can still socialize, you have to just be true to yourself, people will try to tempt you...i dont know why they do it, but they will, you have to be the one to make the ultimate decision.
    1717 days ago
    What ? You're kicking his lordship out of the house ? emoticon

    How often does his lordship bring home food ? How about a compromise ? Let him know that he's only allowed to bring home a treat once a week. This way, he doesn't feel like he's being deprived and you only see the treat, once a week.

    You could also tell him he can only bring home certain, pre-approved treats. Example, angel food cake instead of muffins or yellow cake. How about asking him to bring home chocolate covered strawberries ? That's a healthier treat. Fresh strawberries and low fat whipped cream would be good too.

    1717 days ago
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